Hanna Randall First Met Her MLB Boyfriend Stuart Fairchild Six Years Ago In A Frat Basement

Hanna Randall revealed her MLB boyfriend Stuart Fairchild of six years on TikTok. Hanna and Stuart attended the same college.

Stuart Fairchild’s girlfriend is a paralegal and a TikTok star. She gained followers after posting videos of her bf on her TikTok account. Her video “Day in the Life of an MLB girlfriend” has over 82K views and her video of asking Stuart questions of MLB has crossed 4 million views.

Randall started posting videos in August last year. She met her partner, Major League Baseball player Stu, six years ago in 2016. And now, he is taking her to every one of his games.

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Stuart Fairchild was picked up in the 2017 MLB Draft. They had known each other for a year at the time.

Hanna Randall Reveals MLB Boyfriend On TikTok

Hanna Randall boyfriend Stuart Fairchild is an MLB player of Taiwanese origin.

Hanna met Stuart Fairchild while they were students at Wake Forest University in 2016. They have been together for six years.

Randall became famous for uploading TikTok videos related to her bf. Recently, in the “Day in the life of MLB girlfriend” video, she showed her partner as he was driving them to a baseball facility.

One fan commented, “I have his rookie signed card. Tell him to step it up so it’ll actually be worth something.”

Though she has been teasing her fanbase about being a girlfriend of a baseball player since she started TikTok last year, she had never disclosed his name or displayed any picture of him.

People were not persuaded enough that Randall was dating, with many commenting she has been fabricating stories about her relationship.

“I get comments every day that my boyfriend doesn’t exist but look here he is,” Randall said in her revelation video and showed her partner for real this time. The guy she is dating is none other than Cincinnati Reds Stuart Fairchild.

In the video, she shows them going to a baseball facility to help set up camp for little kids. They went home, had some dinner, and called it a night at a bar after celebrating one of her friend’s birthday party.

Some still believe she is dating a 12-year-old with an aluminum bat.

“When you video the bats, why are there softball bats and metal bats there? Wood and fungo, nothing else should be there.”

Hanna Randall is dating MLB player Stuart Fairchild who is the Cincinnati Reds outfielder.
Source : instagram

Fairchild is a young 26-year-old MLB standout playing for the Cincinnati Reds as a baseball outfielder. Despite getting drafted in the 2017 MLB draft, he made his debut in the league in 2021 with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He also played for the Seattle Mariners and San Francisco Giants.

Hanna Randall And Stuart Fairchild Met In 2016

Hanna Randall met baseball player Stuart Fairchild in 2016 in a fraternity basement at Wake Forest University.

Randall talks about how she met her bf in her first TikTok video, uploaded in 2021. When they go on a date, they sit on the same side of the table instead of across.

In one of her uploads, she revealed she would go the gym with him during the offseason and said he was her trainer. When he goes running hills with his coach, he forces her to come along. To make up for waking her at dawn in the freezing weather in Seattle, he took her to brunch. 

Afterward, they hit the gym and went to bed. Only to repeat the cycle the next day. Though they try to get in as much time together as possible, they were separate this Thanksgiving.

According to her Linkedin profile, Hanna Randall graduated with her bachelor’s degree in European History and Economics from Wake Forest University. Fairchild attended the same university where he played baseball for the college baseball team, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

Since then, she has posted dozens of videos related to her beloved but never revealed who he was in any of those videos. Similarly, having begun dating in 2016, the MLB star Stuart kept the relationship a secret.

Stuart has never posted a photo with his girlfriend Hanna Randall. However, he follows her on Instagram. As he would like to keep their relationship a secret, Randall had never shown pictures of him in her TikTok videos.

Fairchild’s girlfriend is a New York resident pursuing her master’s degree from the NYU School of Professional Studies. She is graduating in Event Management. Besides, she worked as a Paralegal and Client Relations Manager at Southpark Family Law in 2021.

Hanna Randall Asks Her Boyfriend Questions Related To Baseball

Hanna Randall is dating MLB player Stuart Fairchild and asks him questions related to baseball to upload on her account.

She has dozens of videos on her Tiktok with the title, “asking my professional baseball player bf stupid questions,” where she asks her bf Stuart some random questions related to baseball.

Hanna Randall met her baseball player at Wake Forest University in a frat basement in 2016.
Source : instagram

Some questions may sound ridiculous, but some are genuine. She started this series of asking her bf silly questions a week ago. Her first video was when they were in the car and he was driving. 

Randall asked if he thinks of her while playing baseball, and he answered, “All the time.” She also reads comments from her fans and asks her partner the questions which they suggested.

One time she asked a question requested by her follower about how Stuart feels when the fans boos at him during away games. He said the opposition fans always do that, and sometimes it is funny.

More recently, Randall asked about his career and whether or not he wanted to switch careers to do something else rather than play baseball. Fairchild replied calmly and said there was nothing he would do but play baseball, and the game was for him.

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