Ross Stripling Wife Shelby Gassiott Was An Elementary Teacher

Ross Stripling wife Shelby Gassiott Stripling is a former primary school teacher. Ross and Shelby were married in 2017.

The 33-year-old American baseball pitcher and his WAG have been together for more than ten years.

On Twitter, MLB star Stripling shared a picture in May 2016 after his girlfriend said yes to his proposal. The word yes changed her status from girlfriend to fiance.

Ross turned to Shelby for encouragement and inspiration, and she quit her job as a first-grade teacher to move in with him and support him professionally. 

The former Los Angeles Dodgers star is currently a free agent and exploring his options for the 2023 season. He unequivocally put on a good game this year, and some big teams are on the horizon to make him an offer.

Ross Stripling Wife Shelby Gassiott Is A Former Teacher

Ross Stripling wife Shelby Gassiott was an elementary school teacher before becoming a homemaker.

Shelby is a Texas A&M University graduate, and more importantly, she met her husband Ross while studying at the university as they both attended the same college. She has two younger siblings.

Ross Stripling spouse Shelby Gassiott is a retired elementary school teacher.
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After completing her degree, Shelby started her career in teaching in her hometown. Before moving in with her MLB star boyfriend Ross, she taught first graders. 

He even posted on his Instagram in April 2015 on the day when Shelby became a certified teacher. Ross was very happy and proud of what she achieved while still studying for her college. He calls her Miss G.

Ross Stripling and Shelby Gassiott in NLDS Champs in October 2017.
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Although the athlete is open and active about their relationship on social media, at the same time, his spouse is not. Shelby has Instagram and Twitter accounts, but they are both kept private, so only her followers can view her posts.

Shelby and Ross began living together shortly before getting engaged, and they later relocated to Houston together. She quit her job as a teacher to travel with him and assist him in taking the globe by storm.

The baseball player is fortunate to have her as his partner, who graciously chooses to sacrifice her profession to travel with him while he plays baseball. He would wish her every time on Teacher Appreciation Week.  

Shelby Gassiott and MLB husband Ross at Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park.
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Shelby recalls the day of her beau’s MLB debut in 2016 with the Dodgers. She was in Texas and the middle of her teaching class when she got a call from Ross about the game.

“I was so excited for him that my students and I had a dance party to celebrate. That weekend I flew to San Francisco for his major league debut.” Shelby Gassiott said.

Ross Stripling And Shelby Gassiott Started Dating In 2013

Ross Stripling and Shelby Gassiott began dating in 2013 and had their wedding four years later.

The pair were engaged in May 2016, and a year later, they married in November 2017. It has been nine years since they went on their first date

Both of them attended Texas A&M University. Ross was a star of college baseball and already a popular rookie. When Ross was selected in the 2012 MLB Draft, he started his baseball career while she finished her junior year in college.

Ross Stripling and his spouse Shelby Gassiott met in 2012 at TAMU and started dating in 2013.
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After he came following his first professional baseball season in NCAA with the Texas Longhorns, they resumed their bond. And after that, it became official. 

Stripling uploaded their first picture together on the internet in March 2014. The two pose in front of giraffes in an Arizona zoo. They are both fond of traveling and adventure; hence anytime they had a chance, they would go out roaming different parts of the country and abroad.

The MLB standout shared a picture of him and Shelby sitting on a bunch of pumpkins for the 2014 Halloween festival. In February 2015, Ross shared a lovely snap of them kissing. That day marked their two years of being together. 

In 2015, he took to social media to congratulate his partner on starting her teaching profession. On her 24th birthday in November, he wished her on Instagram. “24 never looked so good. Happy birthday to this gorgeous girl!”

Shelby Gassiott graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2015.
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2016 was very special to them, and their love life as the baseball player proposed to her with an engagement ring, and she said YES. The couple finally got engaged after three years of dating. They planned to get married in 2017.

In June 2016, Ross and Shelby went to Salt River Tubing in Mesa, Arizona, for refreshment and recreation. They had a good time there floating in the river. Later in November, they threw their engagement party and had a great time celebrating with their family and friends.

The couple tied the wedding knot on November 11, 2017, and Ross and Shelby went on a trip to different countries for their honeymoon. First, they stopped at a beautiful sea beach resort, Likuliku Lagoon Resort, in Fiji.

Ross and Shelby were engaged in 2016 and the couple tied the wedding knot in November 2017.
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Then they had a blast of fun in New Zealand as they kayaked down the Dart River in Queenstown. And for their last honeymoon stop, they visited the wine city of Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand.

Shelby Gassiott Is A Mother Of One Child

Shelby Gassiott is 31 years old and the mother of their son Jaxon Ridge Stripling.

The former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher and his soulmate Shelby welcomed their first baby and became parents on February 19, 2021. Ross shared a cute picture of their newborn child on Instagram.

Ross Stripling and his spouse Shelby Gassiott are blessed with a baby boy Jaxon Ridge Stripling in February 2021.
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Only in October 2020 did Ross and Shelby finally admit that they had a child after keeping it a secret for so long. In a photo he posted in November 2020, he is touching his partner’s expanding. “Can’t wait to begin this next chapter of life with you. I love you!”

The baby will turn two in two months, and the parents will celebrate Jaxon Ridge’s birthday just like they celebrated his first, small but memorable.

A year before they had a baby, the couple went on a Europe trip where they visited different places in different countries, including London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Italy.

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