Does Hannah Murray Have Any Eating Disorder? Anorexic Condition And Weight Gain Facts Of English Actress

Hannah Murray is a 33 years old actress born in Bristol, England, on the 1st of July 1989, and she is famed for appearing as Cassie in Skins and Gilly in the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Murray has also portrayed the lead role of Leslie ‘Lulu’ Van Houten in the film by Mary Harron Charlie Says, Julie in Detroit, Kat in Lily & Kat, Sara in Bridgend, Rachel Davis in The Numbers Station, and more.

Does Hannah Murray Have Eating Disorder?

Hannah Murray, who played the role of Cassie, a teenage girl with an eating disorder in Skins, has not disclosed her experience of having the same problem.


As Murray portrayed the character of a young girl with anorexia, some people assumed her to have the same disorder. Yet, the actress never revealed if she was a victim of disordered eating.

Although it has been a decade and a half since she appeared in Skins, fans still wonder if she was suffering as Cassie in the show. However, as Hannah has remained tight-lipped about the condition, we presume she never had it unless she admits it.

Is Hannah Murray Suffering Anorexic Condition?

Hannah did suffer from an anorexic condition in reel life but not in real life; she played the role of a first generation’ Skins character who had an eating disorder for six years.

The British teen comedy-drama Skins explored issues like dysfunctional families and mental illness, including eating disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, adolescent sexuality, gender, death, substance abuse, and bullying.

The actress might have suffered through anorexia, where one suffers from low weight, food restriction, fear of gaining weight, body image disturbance, and an overpowering desire to be thin, but she never revealed her suffering through the disorder. 

Although Murray was very vocal about Cassie’s condition, she never opened up about her having the same difficulties while growing up. Thus, we presume she didn’t have an anorexic condition, or does she now suffer from the disease.

Hannah Murray Weight Gain In 2022

Since playing Cassie in Skins, Hannah has gained visible weight throughout her journey; the one who was once known for her skinny character now has cute chubby cheeks and is confident in her body.

Even though the actress has gained weight, she looks more beautiful than ever, and her fans love her for how amazing she has become throughout her career. 

However, Murray is inactive on social networking sites as we couldn’t find her official Instagram account; it seems like she has chosen to stay away from online bullying and live a healthy lifestyle with no hate. Moreover, she seems to be spending quality time with her family as she hasn’t played in new movies and tv series since she last appeared in The Expecting as Cara. 

Details On Hannah Murray’s Age And Height In Feet

Murray is 33 years old and stands tall with a listed height of 5 feet and 5 inches tall; she was born in Bristol, United Kingdom, to her beloved parents, Rosemary Silvester and Martin Murray.


Her mom and dad work at Bristol University, where Martin is a professor and Rosemary is a research technician. However, she didn’t join the university; instead, the actress attended Queens College, where she earned her English degree. 

Moreover, she enrolled at North Bristol Post 16 Centre and served as a member of the Bristol Old Vic Young Company. Furthermore, Hannah began her acting journey at 17 and got her hands on the role of Cassie Ainsworth in Skins.

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