Who Is Ian Parmiter? Antiques Expert Illness And Health Update

Ian Parmiter is an English antique expert based in Portsmouth. He is also the owner of the Parmiter Collection, a popular antique store. Get to know some more things about the nationally renowned antique expert below. 

Who Is  Antiques Expert Ian Parmiter? His Wikipedia

Ian Parmiter is a Portsmouth-based artist and antique dealer. He has been in the trading business in Kempton for more than three decades now. His most memorable moment, he considers is the selling to the musician, Paloma Faith.

The antiques expert’s best ever finding was a Chinese vase, which he bought just for £10 and later sold for around £44,000.

Parmiter creates his works under the name “Lord Sonic”. The English artist was given the name “Sonic” when he played guitars for the Surf Punk band Emptifish in the 80s. Some of the band’s iconic songs are I Want That Girl, Surfboard, I’m Gonna Change The World, You Know You Want It, Party On The Beach, and many more. 

Ian Parmiter Illness And Health Update

Ian Parmiter suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, a brain disorder that causes unintended or uncontrollable movements. The condition gets worse as the age of the person increases

Parmiter is known for using his art as a vehicle to travel through, explore, and make sense of Parkinson’s Disease. He has vowed not to let his illness define him or prevent him from living the life he loves.

In an interview, he said that his illness sometimes makes his life chaotic. Moreover, the pandemic period was pretty hard for him. However, he used art to travel through and find out help him get out of the disease. 

Meet Ian Parmiter’s Wife & Family Members

Ian Parmiter was married to Sue Parmiter, with whom he co-owns the Parmiter Collection. They have been running the business for 30 years now. Before marrying, Ians’ wife worked in the modeling industry. She also worked at the Queens Hotel in Southsea.

The lovely couple share a son together, whose name is Tennyson.

The antique dealer said: “Having run the business with just my wife, Sue, for the past 30 years, we are strong advocates for our street and are always celebrating Southsea’s independence and eccentricity. Our customers are so diverse — some days we are dealing with rag-and-bone men and other days Lords and Ladies!”

As of now, Sue has already left Ian, she has moved with her new partner Craig to Somerset.



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