Meet The Russian Champion Askar Askarov From The National Deaf Wrestling Team

Askar Askarov is a Russian MMA wrestler who was born deaf. The MMA artist has had a hearing impairment since he was born. 

In July 2013, Askarov began his professional MMA career in Russia against another newcomer, Shamil Amirov. He won the second round with a rear-naked choke. In his second bout, he defeated another debutant, Kvanzhakov Kantemir, by first-round TKO.

With stoppage victories against Elvin Abbasov and Vakha Kadyrov, Askarov extended his winning run to four. At ACB 86, Askarov was set to defend his title for the second time against Rasul Albaskhanov.

He beat Albaskhanov with a guillotine choke in the second round. Askarov abandoned the ACB Flyweight belt after signing with the UFC.

Is Askar Askarov Deaf? Hearing Impairment & Health Issues

Askar Askarov is deaf and has a hearing impairment due to which he has just 20% of hearing capacity in both of his ears. However, he doesn’t have any other health issues.

Despite his hearing loss, Askarov has succeeded throughout his sports career. The 29-year-old, like Hamill, won a gold medal in wrestling in the Deaflympics before moving on to the UFC.

Askarov only wishes to demonstrate to himself and others that he is stronger in the face of adversity. stronger than the conditions, the issues, and, most importantly, his opponents.

Undefeated Askar Askarov

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Does Askar Askarov Have A Girlfriend?

After digging into the Instagram and web, we found out that Askar Askarov is currently single and doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.

There are no pictures of his partner on his Instagram profile; there are only pictures of him fighting and celebrating. 

Askar has a sizable social media following, with 128K Instagram followers (@askar_mma) and 2,224 Twitter followers (@askar_mma). Other social media channels are inactive for Askar.

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Askar Askarov’s Parents And Family Background

Askar Askarov was born in Kamysh-Kutan on October 9, 1992. Askar grew up in the house alongside his parents and siblings. However, his parents’ names remain unknown at this time.

He must have had a difficult childhood because, because of his hearing disability, he is still unable to listen to the instructions of the trainer.

Despite not being able to collect orders from his squad during combat, he has won multiple golds. For example, he represented Russia as a member of the National Deaf Wrestling Team.

Askar Askarov Holding The Russian National Flag

Net Worth Of Askar Askarov

Before joining the UFC, he fought extensively in the ACB, where he earned a respectable livelihood. As a result, his net worth is projected to be less than $1 million.

Outside of the ring, the boxer gets money through endorsements and sponsorships. On his Instagram account, Askar Askarov may be seen supporting FITROO.

Fighters in MMA are paid on a per-fight basis. In his debut UFC bout, Askarov received $10,000 to unveil and $3,500 in fight week bonus pay at UFC Fight Night: Rodrguez vs. Stephens.


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