Football Commentator Jacqui Oatley Husband Jamie And Their Married Life

English commentator Jacqui Oatley is happily married to her husband, Jamie. She is also the mother of two lovely children.

Oatley is a famous English broadcaster. She is a leading commentator for Sky Sports and host of sports events for ITV and BBC sports.

Jacqui hosts a podcast for The Athletic and is a sports broadcaster for the Quest TV channel, where she covers the English Football League. Moreover, she also does match commentary on the UEFA Champions League and UEFA internationals.

Oatley was the UK’s first female darts presenter, covering Professional Darts Corporation tournaments on ITV4 and the BBC’s sports news radio show, Sportsweek, on BBC Radio 5 Live. She is also an FA-qualified football coach, an ambassador for Women in Football, and a member of the Football Writers’ Association’s national committee.

She was also ranked the eighth-most important woman in sports in August 2015. People and fans are always intrigued to know about her personal life, which she mostly keeps in a private space. So continue to know about her.

Quick Facts About Jacqui Oatley

Name Jacqui Oatley
Age 47
Birthday December 28, 1974
Parents Sonja and Gerald Arthur
Husband Jamie
Children Phoebe and Max

Who Is Jacqui Oatley’s Husband, Jamie?

Jacqui Oatley’s husband is an event planner by profession. She has been married for almost one decade now. 

The wedding of Jacqui and Jamie was conducted in a private ceremony. Thus, very few are aware of the occasion; they celebrate their anniversary on April 25. Interestingly, Oatley’s close colleague, Nathan Judah, and his wife, Alana, also share the same wedding anniversary date. 

A tweet made by Jacqui Oatley about her husband in 2019.
Source : twitter

Once Oatley tweeted that her husband is the type of person who loves cooking and home improvement show. Similarly, in her other tweets, she quoted jokingly that her husband reckons she is not well-rounded.

Oatley had tweeted: “My husband reckons I’m not a well-rounded individual “because you only watch football, darts, and the news.” I think that makes me incredibly well-rounded!”

The couple lives blissfully in Hinchley Wood, Esher, with her family.

Meet Jacqui Oatley’s Children: Phoebe And Max

Jacqui Oatley and Jamie’s marriage has resulted in the birth of two lovely children: Phoebe and her darling younger brother, Max, who was born on April 21, 2014, the day before his sister turned three.

Phoebe once earned undeserved fame on social media. Then Jacqui condemned her daughter’s football coach in a tweet for telling the seven-year-old to complete the hula hoop drills because the males would only pass to each other. After a while, many tweets that supported the mother’s suffering appeared.

Jacqui Oatley with Phoebe and Max.
Source : co

Oatley recently shared a photo on her Instagram with Phoebe at a football stadium. The photo was taken during England Women’s football game. To learn more about Jacqui, we can follow her verified Instagram handle @jacquioatle, with 8,544 followers.

Despite being a busy mother, Oatley has always handled her family life and profession well. However, she will be swamped in the coming days.

When Oatley called seven FIFA Women’s Global Cup 2019 matches for the Host Broadcast Services (HBS) “world feed” live from Roazhon Park in Rennes, France, in 2019, she restarted her association football primary (play-by-play) commentary career.

In September 2021, Oatley became the primary major (play-by-play) commentator for the UK FA Women’s Super League games on Sky Sports. FOX Sports have also appointed her as a commentator for Fifa World Cup.

More About Jacqui’s Family Members

Oatley was educated at St. Dominic’s Junior School in Brewood, an all-girls institution, and then earned her A-Levels at Wolverhampton Grammar School. Later, she continued her education and enrolled in the University of Leeds, where she earned a degree in German and graduated in 1996.

She was born to hardworking and caring parents in 1975 in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Therefore, Oatley is 47 years old.

ITV presenter Jacqui Oatley is the daughter of Sonja Oatley and Gerald Arthur.
Source : co

Surprisingly, Oatley’s mother, Sonja Oatley, received an MBE in June 2011 for her contributions to the community in Staffordshire, making her the second family member to win the honor.

Meanwhile, Oatley’s dad, Gerald, passed away in 2004 from cancer, which remains a regret that he could not enjoy her success.

The broadcaster has said about her parents: “I was so proud of my mum. She’s originally from South Africa and very hard working.”

“My parents were great; they didn’t say ‘don’t do that, ‘ just said ‘go for it. So now, as Ms. Oatley juggles family and professional life, help comes from closer to home. I’m here, there, and everywhere with work. She further said: “The support from Jamie with the children is so important.”

In July 2022, the English presenter, after her mother, became a victim of a scam. After her mother was one of the many parents duped into thinking their children were in difficulty and needed money, she issued a warning about a WhatsApp scam.

Some FAQs

Who are Jacqui Oatley’s parents ?

Oatley was born Jacqueline Anne Oatley in Wolverhampton in 1975. She was born to parents Gerald Arthur and Sonja Oatley.

Who is Jacqui Oatley’s husband ?

Jamie is the husband of English presenter, Jacqui Oatley. He is an event planner.

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