Tatiana Aguilar: 10 Facts On LAFC Chicho Arango Wife

Tatiana Aguilar is the beautiful wife of  Colombian professional footballer Christian Arango, who married on 20 December 2021.

Aguilar and Cristian Arango dated for a few years, and in 2021, their romantic relationship turned into marriage. This couple has three children; two boys and one little girl.

Chicho Arango was born on 9 March 1995 in Medellin, Colombia. His full name is Cristian Daniel Arango Duque. Arango was grown in Colombia by his father, J. Amadi Araneta, and his mother, Ester B. Araneta, with sibling Akane Araki.

Quick Facts of Chicho Arango

Name Chicho Arango
Date of Birth 9 March 1995
Birth Place Medellin, Colombia
Wife Tatiana Aguilar
Children 3; two boy and one girl
Net worth $1.5 million

Tatiana Aguilar, the beautiful Wife of footballer Chicho Arango

Tatiana and Chicho started their new life after getting married
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Tatiana Aguilar and Chicho Arango decided to become a husband and wife after dating for a few years.

This beautiful couple married in 2021 in the city of Medellin. Their marriage was celebrated with relatives and several football players from clubs and internationally players. There were musical performances to enjoy, and on their social media, they posted photos and videos of enjoying their marriage with singing and dancing.

Tatiana has shared three children with footballer Chicho Arango. They posted a picture of their children on their respective social media.

Tatiana is a very hard-working and fitness freak woman, as she got a beautiful body as a result of hard work in the Gym. Moreover, she has a well-dressing sense. She shares daily a picture of her with the new and latest fashion.

10 facts about Tatiana Aguilar and Chicho Arango

Tatiana posted a picture of her husband and children
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  1. Tatiana Aguilar is married to Colombian footballer Chicho Arango. They were in a relationship that turned into marriage in 2021. They announced their wedding on social media as Chicho said he had fulfilled his one more dream. He thanked his wife for enduring the plague of men and guiding him to change his defects and fall in love with them.
  2. Chicha Arango and his Tatiana Aguilar have three children together; two sons and one daughter. Matias Arango is their firstborn child, Valentino Arango is their second son, and daughter Anaiah is their third child. The birth date of their child has yet to be revealed.
  3. Chicho Arango’s wife, Tatiana Aguilar, is a true fashion lover, as she shares images of her outfits daily on her official Instagram. She has got 18.1k followers on her Instagram.
  4. Tatiana Aguilar is a gym lover. As a result of the constant work in the gym, she has got a beautiful and physically attractive body. We can find her’s picture in the Gym on her social media account.
  5. As for 2022, It is estimated the net worth of Chicho Arango is $1.5 million. He earned his net worth from professional football. His market value is €6.00 million, and his gross yearly salary is $624,000. 
  6. Arango started his professional career in 2012 at age 17. Envigado allowed him to play for their club, and Arango played for four years in that club. In the 2015-2016 season, he was loaned out to Valencia B, scoring eight goals in 26 games for Valencia B. He returned to Envigado at the end of the season. He played in the 2016 Finalizacion season and scored four goals in 20 matches.
  7. As a professional player, Arango has played for eight different clubs since 2012. He has played for eight clubs in his career and is currently playing for Los Angeles FC. Los Angeles FC. I paid euro 2.2 million to bring him.
  8. He has scored his highest goal ever for a single club Los Angeles FC. In 51 appearances, he scored 30 goals. For Millionaires, he had scored 21 goals in 53 appearances.
  9. He has won three awards. He won his first award Taca de Portugal 2017-2018. Later, he won Supporter’s Shield 2022 and Msl Newcomer of the year 2021.
  10. In 2021, he debuted as a Senior national team in a World Cup qualifier. His wife is very supportive; she went to watch a live match in the stadium with her husband’s three children in the debut match.

Some FAQs

What is the net worth of Chicho Arango?

It is estimated the net worth of Chicho Arango is $1.5 million.

Who is Tatiana Aguilar?

Tatiana Aguilar is wife of Colombian striker Chicho Arango. They got married in 2021.

How many children does Chicho Arango have?

Chicho Arango have three children; two sons and one daughter.

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