John Arthur Williams: Fun Facts On Sonny Bill Williams Brother and Sister From Rugby Sevens

Sonny Bill Williams, the elite rugby player, was born in a family of sport stars. ( Source : Planetrugby )

John Arthur Williams was once a rugby star in the making. Sonny Bill Williams, a notable player, has two famous sporting siblings.

Big brother John Arthur and sister Niall; she is a player for New Zealand rugby sevens. We have known Sonny Bill Williams as a versatile athlete. He is an elite heavyweight boxer with a prodigious career as a rugby player.

Sonny is one of the only twenty-one players to have won the Rugby World Cup twice. In addition, he is only the second player to represent New Zealand in rugby union after first representing his country in rugby league.

In his career, the winger had three spells in the National Rugby League (NRL) and has won 12 caps, including two World Cups. He retired in March 2021 and eventually started his professional boxing career.

Sonny Bill Williams has appeared in the rings nine times, winning all of these heavyweight combats. He is the former Newzealand Professional Boxing Association Heavyweight Champion and the World Boxing Association (WBA) International Heavyweight Champion.

Very few people are unaware of Sonny Bill Williams' worldwide accomplishments. Fans also request details about his family and personal life in the interim. Here are a few items we tried to cover about the athlete's siblings and family.

Quick Facts To Know

Name Sonny Bill Williams
Brothers1 ( John Arthur Williams)
Sisters2 (Niall and Denise Williams)
ParentsLee and John Williams
WifeAlana Raffie
Children4 ( Iman, Aisha, Zaid, and Essa)

Sonny Bill Williams Childhood Story

Sonny Bill Williams, born on August 3rd, 1995, spent most of his childhood with three siblings. He is the middle-born brother.

The rugby star's older brother is John Arthur Williams. However, his two sisters are younger than him; they are twins Niall and Denise.

Sonny Bill Williams in an afro hairstyle.
Sonny Bill Williams in an afro hairstyle. ( Source : odt )

Sonny Bill Williams and his siblings were raised in a working-class household in a stately Mount Albert in Auckland. They had a struggling family background. Nevertheless, the SBW's family has more than one sports star.

Williams has mentioned lots of things about his family in his autobiography. In addition, he has talked about his traumatic childhood accident, which he considers has helped him spur on winning the World Cup with his national side.

The Turning Point In Sonny's Ascent To Fame

Williams suffered a terrible accident when he was four years old. He had survived a severe injury to the back of his leg. 

According to Sonny, a teenage cook near his residence had panicked after burning a pan. The frightened cook threw the burning pan at the backyard where the young Williams was playing. The hot fats on the pan ultimately went over the back of his legs.

Sonny Bill Williams had suffered a traumatic childhood after an accident.
Sonny Bill Williams had suffered a traumatic childhood after an accident. ( Source : sportbible )

The boiling fat had ultimately burned his legs, causing severe injuries. The incident also left a psychological effect on young Sonny.

His shouts were heard by neighbors, who hurried to water him down. Williams stayed in Auckland City Hospital's critical burns unit for more than sixty days before being discharged and returning home in a wheelchair. Because his skin grafts were so delicate, his parents were not permitted to touch him.

John Arthur Williams Is His Elder Brother

John Arthur Williams is the eldest brother of Sonny Bill Williams. He is considered a famous New Zealand celebrity family member.

Arthur and Sonny were raised in Auckland, New Zealand, in a large family of six. But they were both adults and went along the same career route. John started playing rugby union. Conversely, Sonny switched from rugby union to rugby league before switching to heavyweight boxing.

John Arthur Williams, brother of Sonny Bill, playing for the New Lynn stags in the Phelan Shield grandfinal at Mt Smart sta
John Arthur Williams, brother of Sonny Bill, playing for the New Lynn stags in the Phelan Shield grandfinal at Mt Smart sta ( Source : stuff )

It is estimated that John Arthur Williams' age is between 38 to 40. Assuming that he is Sonny Bill Williams' older brother, the well-known boxer, currently 36 years old, was born on August 3rd, 1985. 

The specifics of Arthur's birthday are beyond our control. Nevertheless is a proud New Zealander of the Samoa clan having Australian ancestry.

Sonny Bill Williams' Brother Played Rugby In College

John Arthur Williams is a former player of the Rugby Union. He has previously played for the New Lynn stags in the Phelan Shield. 

In 2011, John Arthur played in the Phelan Shield grand final at the Mt Smart stadium. He has also competed in the Queensland Cup and NSW Cup competitions. Furthermore, he has played against Kurt and Cheung Muaiava for the New Lynn stags.

Earlier, John Arthur and his brother, Sonny Bill, lived in Christchurch together. He left the place to pursue his career at the New Lynn stags.

Meet John Arthur Williams & Sonny Bill Williams' Sisters 

John Arthur and Sonny Bill have two further younger siblings, Niall and Denise; two sisters are a blessing for the rugby players.

Their youngest sister, Niall, played touch football for New Zealand internationally and also played rugby sevens. She was also selected for the 2016 Summer Olympics, where the Kiwis won their silver medal behind Australia.

 Sonny Bill Williams with his sister Niall after both were named in Olympic Games sevens rugby squads.
Sonny Bill Williams with his sister Niall after both were named in Olympic Games sevens rugby squads. ( Source : stuff )

Niall earned silver in touch football at the 2011 Touch Football World Cup after winning gold at the 2005 Youth World Cups. She was recently named in the Ferns Seven squad for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Meanwhile, Denise's professional information is a mystery. But, she does appear on her Instagram; her handle name is @twinny_dee. She is also the mother of two beautiful children.

Judging by the Instagram photographs, Niall is married to her partner Tama Guthrie, raising two lovely girls, Tatum-Lee and Rema-Rae, together. Her Instagram handle is @niall_williams13, and she has 46.5 thousand followers.

More About Sonny Bill Williams & John Arthur Williams' Family

Sonny Bill Williams, his brother, John Arthur, and their two sisters were born to parents Lee and John Williams.

In particular, father John Williams is of Samoan ethnicity. He has been residing in Auckland for the last five decades. Unlike his children, John likes to spend his life out of social media.

His mother had a particular occupation, while his father, John, was a successful rugby league player. Although his father was familiar with the game, John and his siblings first encountered rugby through their mother.

Together with his siblings and sisters, Arthur was adored by his parents. All the children have achieved their life goals due to their excellent parenting.

A rare family photo of Sonny Bill Williams, his parents, and brother, Johnny.
A rare family photo of Sonny Bill Williams, his parents, and brother, Johnny. ( Source : theguardian )

Lee Williams, the mother of Sonny and John, is half-New Zealander and half-Australian by ethnicity. She has nurtured her children to be intelligent, strong, and responsible.

As a Samoan, most of the members of the William family have tribal tattoos on their bodies. For example, Sonny and John have tribal ink on their right arm and chest. Similarly, their sisters have beautifully used the ink on their thighs and arms.

The tattoos of Samoans represent their Island, Community, and family. These are worn to preserve their identity. The Samoan tattoos are also a source of great pride. 

Is Sonny Bill Williams Still Married To Alana Raffie?

Sonny Bill and his devoted wife, Alana Raffie Williams, married in 2013. They decided to practice traditional Muslim dating in 2013.

The rugby thinks his wife is responsible for the most significant change in his life.

Williams wrote in his autobiography, "You Can't Stop The Sun From Shining," that AFL star Alana had assisted him in leaving his life of drug use and excessive partying.

Williams claims that initially, Alana didn't provide the AFL star with her phone number. But after two weeks of persistence, two people began dating. Even though they had started dating with no romantic feelings, their love ultimately grew more robust.

Sonny Bill Williams' wife, Alana Raffie, is of South African lineage. She practices Islam as her faith. Williams says his wife has helped him to overcome the partying lifestyle.  

Sonny Bill Williams met and married his wife Alana within four weeks of meeting and reveals why the love flowed after they exchanged vows and not before.
Sonny Bill Williams met and married his wife Alana within four weeks of meeting and reveals why the love flowed after they exchanged vows and not before. ( Source : twitter )

The current age of Alana Raffie is 27, and her husband is eight years older than she is. Before she met Williams in 2013, she worked at the Sydney store. Westfield Sports High School was her place of study.

Raffie once performed as a dancer in Brazilian nightclubs, according to The Daily Telegraph, but had given up the job after becoming a Muslim. She started Slumber Bumba, a business that rents out equipment, in 2017. The company assists busy parents in giving their children unforgettable memories. 

Sonny Bill Williams' Kids 

Sonny Bill Williams has four children with his wife, Alana Raffie. He has named his daughters Iman and Aisha and sons Zaid and Essa.

According to The Mirrors, Williams' sons have been very passionate about rugby from a young age. As a result, they have captured the attention of the southern hemisphere of South Africa and could play in the cape town.

Sonny, his wife and their four children.
Sonny, his wife and their four children. ( Source : mirror )

Even though Williams will have considerable influence over rugby in his family, his wife, Alana Raffie, of South African origin, has prevailed in the struggle for their boys' allegiances.

Williams often shares pictures of his children on his Instagram handle. He goes by the handle name @sonnybillwilliams and has 1 million followers. 

What Is Sonny Bill Williams' Net Worth In 2022?

The Celebrity Net Worth reports Sonny Bill Williams has an estimated net worth of USD 25 million.

The Rugby star has earned his fortunes from his impressive rugby and boxing career. Over his professional career, he has signed contracts with many rugby unions and rugby league clubs. However, he ultimately moved to box, an even more profitable sport.

Williams showing off his ink during training.
Williams showing off his ink during training. ( Source : sportspromedia )

The two-time Rugby World Cup champion has achieved greatness practically wherever he has gone in his career, leaving behind a very successful sporting legacy.

Nevertheless, despite having bank sponsor deals, the rugby star does not wear any sponsors on his shirt. 

According to the Mirror, Sonny Bill moved to box to pay off his $1 million debt after his infamous rugby league departure.