What Happened To KC Joy? See His Before And After Surgery Photos

People are curious to see KC Joy’s before and after surgery pics, the murderer convicted of killing his roommate. Read till the end as we divulge more and more information about him.

KC Joy is currently behind bars for the brutal killing of his roommate, Maribel Ramos. The incident took place eight years ago in 2014, but recently a new Netflix show called Worst Roommates Ever covered his story.

Because of the exposure from the show, the story has resurfaced on the internet, and people are starting to talk about him and Maribel Ramos.

KC Joy Before And After Surgery Pics

Kwang Chol Joy had plastic surgery, according to the New York Post.

Maribel Ramos had become his obsession, and he would go to any length to impress her. Despite her sister Lucy Gonzalez’s warning that living with him could be disastrous, Ramos was gracious enough to let him stay with her.

Joy had called Maribel’s sister and announced his intention to marry his roommate. Lucy had disputed it, claiming that her younger sister would never like him because of their vast age gap.

She informed her sister of what he had stated and requested not to accompany him. She, on the other hand, denied saying it was fine.

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KC Joy Age And Wikipedia Revealed: How Old Is He?

Kwang Cho Joy was 55 years at the time of his murder conviction. There is information about him and the murder he committed, but there is no official Wikipedia dedicated to him yet.

Joy was nearly 20 years older than Maribel and requested that she take him as a roommate, which the kind-hearted army veteran quickly did. Joy appeared extremely calm and quiet early on in their living arrangement.

However, he soon became obsessed with Ramos and spiraled out of control when she suggested he move out since he hadn’t paid his rent.

When Ramos went missing, he seemed worried about her safety and tried to fool the police. However, authorities eventually discovered that he was researching topics such as how long it takes for a body to deteriorate and used maps to locate an isolated site known as Modjeska Canyon.

Authorities later discovered her remains in the exact location and charged KC with murder.

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KC Joy Ethnicity And Full Name

KC Joy is an Asian, and his full name is Kwang Chol Joy. This exact ethnicity is not made public.

KC Joy was an Asian-American who had been in the country for a long time. He has a distinctly Asian look with a vicious face and short brushed up hair.

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