5 Facts About Filipino-American Fighter Kevin Natividad

Kevin Natividad is a Filipino-American pro-MMA fighter with Asian roots. He grew up in Hawaii with his parents and two siblings.

Born in Ewa Beach on the 2nd of April 1993, the 29 years old Kevin began fighting amateur bouts at age 19 in 2011 and fought 14 opponents before making his pro debut in 2016.

Furthermore, he has reached 135 in the Current Best MMA Bantamweight Fighter ranking. Likewise, his brother Christian Natividad is a pro-MMA fighter ranked 10th in the US Midwest Pro Flyweights and 52nd in the United States Pro Flyweights.

Kevin had his last fight in the UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivak against Ricky Turcios in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Ricky won the bout by a Split decision, marking Natividad’s 3rd losing streak in UFC.

Is Kevin Natividad A Filipino Fighter?

Kevin Natividad is a Filipino-American born in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, to a veteran father. He is a proud Hawaiian and fights out of Tempe, Arizona.

The pro-MMA fighter began fighting amateur bouts in 2011 and has an impressive result. Out of 14 amateur bouts he fought, he won 13 of them and lost only once to Cheyden Leialoha to a unanimous decision. 

Kevin Natividad began his MMA journey in 2011 and has made it to the UFC.
Source : instagram

Furthermore, the athlete made his pro debut on the 19th of November 2016, winning the fight against Josue Rodriguez. He could have debuted in 2014, but his first three bouts got canceled.

Moreover, Natividad made his UFC debut on the 31st of October 2020 but lost to Miles Johns. Likewise, he also lost his recent UFC fight to the Filipino-Salvadoran-American fighter Ricky Turcios on the 19th of November 2022.

Facts You Dont Want To Miss About Kevin Natividad

1) Kevin is a 29 years old fighter born on the 2nd of April 1993 to his beloved mother, Erica, and a veteran father. 

The MMA fighter is a proud son grateful to his parents for everything they did to provide him and his siblings with the best lifestyle. The elder Natividad is his hero, and Erica is his biggest supporter.

2) Natividad has two siblings, a sister & a brother. His younger sister, Lean, is 21 years old and graduated from Adolfo Camarillo High School in 2019. Furthermore, she went to four different schools worldwide in four years, as per her brother.

Likewise, Kevin has a brother named Christian Natividad, a professional MMA fighter with the ring name “The Hawaiian Punch,” and has ten winning streaks. 

Kevin Natividad spent quality time with his family at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
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He has fought five amateur and five pro bouts each and hasn’t lost to a single opponent since he began fighting in 2016 till today. Moreover, Lean and Christian are active on Instagram under @leannizabel and @christiannatividad.

3) Natividad is a married man. The MMA fighter tied the knot with his girlfriend in 2021 and marked their 1st anniversary on the 1st of October 2022.

Kevin and his significant other met through combat sports. His wife, Lex, is also a fighter who does jiu-jitsu, and she earned her purple belt in April 2022.

Kevin Natividad and his wife decided on forever in 2021 after dating for four blissful years.
Source : instagram

Furthermore, the 2nd of July 2022 marked their five years together as a happy couple who went through thick and thin and never left each other’s side. The pair have shared their wedding pictures and the countless memories they created together on their social media platforms, @knatividad.inc & @i.am.lex_.

4) Kevin’s wife is also a Brazilian jiu-jujitsu fighter, and she has a team of four with whom she competes in Copa Bela. 

Lex is an anime lover, fitness enthusiast, and a mixed model. She is half-Chinese and half-American, as her Great Grandmother came to America with her son on a boat without knowing any English. 

Furthermore, she made an Instagram post on the 17th of April 2022, sharing how proud she is of her teammates for winning 1st place as a team and 2nd place as an association at the 2022 Copa Bela

5) Kevin grew up fitting in Hawaii and is proud to be a Hawaiian. Furthermore, his favorite walkout song is a Hawaiian song He Kanaka by Ka’ikena Scanlan.

Moreover, Natividad got his nickname ‘Quicksand’ after moving to Arizona. Being a Jui-Jujitsu guy, he takes time while fighting, and the more his opponent moves, the worst it gets for them, like a quicksand. So, he chose it as his ring name.

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