Clemson Tigers Ty Lucas Parents, Mother Samantha And US Army Captain Father Cody

Ty Lucas credits his parents, Cody and Samantha, for installing discipline in him from a young age. The running back has an army background.

Cody Lucas, the father of Ty Lucas, has served in the US army for more than a decade. And Ty’s, Samantha Lucas, is a former coach and teacher.

The running back has a special bond with his family, especially with his army father. The relationship between the two has been documented well by his university Clemson on the occasion of Military Appreciation Day.

Ty looks at his father for inspiration, and his two younger siblings, one who is ready to follow his path and become an athlete, look up to Ty for motivation.

The 23-year-old graduated from Clemson last year, with whom he won the Championship in 2018 under coach Dabo Swinney.

Ty Lucas Parents

Ty Lucas and his parents, Cody Lucas and Samantha Lucas, have always believed discipline is the key. The running back comes from an army background.

Cody Lucas, the father of Ty Lucas, is Army CPT and serves as a signal advisor for the US Army. And it was his army father that convinced him to join Clemson University.

Ty Lucas, the running back of Clemson University with his father Cody Lucas outside the training place of Clemson in 2020
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The Clemson Tigers player posted a tribute to his father on his Instagram handle in 2020 on Father’s Day. In one of the pictures, the father-son duo was seen in front of the Clemson Tigers training ground; in the other, his father was helping him train.

Ty isn’t Lucas and Samantha’s only child. The couple who has raised a successful football player are parents to two other kids. And his brother, Landon, has already become a soccer in his school.

Ty Lucas with his mother Samantha Lucas(left) and his siblings pictured in 2018 after he committed to Clemson University
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Samantha Lucas, the mother of Ty Lucas, has described herself as a coach and teacher on her social media handle. It’s hard to keep up with Samantha as she remains away from the public limelight.

Samantha was seen along with her son and husband on the day Ty committed to Clemson University. In 2018, she shared a piece from a local newspaper covering her son’s signing to Clemson.

The proud mother said seeing her son being covered in tabloids had brought her to tears, and she wanted to see her son make the best of the opportunity presented to him.

Ty Lucas Army Father, Cody Lucas

Cody Lucas is the army father of Ty Lucas, who has toured Afghanistan and Korea. Ty has been with the army for more than a decade.

In 2018, Clemson University organized a surprise visit for Ty from his father, whom he hadn’t seen for nine months. A homecoming story that will be remembered for years to come in Clemson.

Ty's father Cody Lucas makes a surprise visit at his son's game against Duke in 2018
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Clemson University posted the video of the exact moment that the father-son duo met each other. Cody was wearing his uniform and was standing in the tunnel from where his son would head into the locker room to get ready for the match against Dukes.

Ty almost walked past his father, but his father’s loud voice got the running back’s attention, and the two shared an emotional embrace. It was certainly a Christmas gift received early for Ty at the time.

Later in an interview, Ty said he was not expecting to see his father at the game held on Military Appreciation Day. A few months later, Cody saw his son win the National Championship with Clemson and Ty posted photos of the trophies with his mom and dad by his side.

Cody Lucas pictured with his wife Samantha Lucas and their two kids at Disneyland, California
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The proud father had shared pictures of his son graduating from Clemson last year. With Cody stepping back from his services, the Army man is currently enjoying his time by traveling with his wife and two young kids.

And now, with his older son completing his college life, the army man is focused on training his younger son and has previously shared videos of his little soccer star training hard for his games.

Ty Lucas Family – The Running Back Comes From Military Background

Ty Lucas comes from a family with a military background. The running back was mostly raised by his mother, Samantha, with his father serving US Army.

The Clemson Tiger’s running back has two siblings with whom he shares a huge age gap. A younger brother, Landon, ten, and a younger sister, seven.

Ty Lucas pictured with his siblings, younger brother Landon and his younger sister in 2019
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Cody has shared several pictures of his small family on his Instagram handle. Ty’s younger brother has shown interest in becoming a soccer star. Cody posted a photo of Lando winning the second position in North Carolina State Cup.

And that’s not the only game that he has his eyes on. Lando also loves playing basketball. With Ty busy playing with Clemson, the four of them enjoyed a trip to Disneyland in September.

Now soon, the Clemson family will welcome a new family member that is Ty’s fiance Ramsay Porter. Ty popped the big question to Porter earlier this year in March.

Ty Lucas pictured with his fiance Ramsay Porter after their engagement in March 19
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Ty and Ramsay had been dating each other since 2019, and the couple, a year after dating, adopted a bulldog named Branx. Since then, they have become parents to two other dogs, Tex and Kash.

Ramsay has been pictured on several occasions in Clemson during the Tiger game supporting her boyfriend. And the next time we hear about Ty Lucas, then it might be about his marriage with Ramsay.

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