Laquon Treadwell Wife Victoria Lynn Treadwell Is A Mother Of An Adorable Daughter

Laquon Treadwell wife Victoria Lynn Treadwell has graduated from Washington State University. Laquon Treadwell has two children, one son and a daughter.

The NFL wide receiver currently playing for the Seattle Seahawks is even more content with his marriage and family life as he has become the parent of his second child and their first.

Treadwell has a nine-year-old daughter Madison Treadwell from his previous relationship. In 2020 he became a father for the second time as his soulmate, Victoria Lynn, gave birth to his son Legend Malik Treadwell.

Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2016 NFL Draft, the 27-year-old athlete is all set to play on Monday, November 28, against the Las Vegas Raiders in game week 12 of this season’s NFL.

Laquon Treadwell Met His Wife Victoria At Ole Miss

Laquon Treadwell met his wife Victoria Lynn at Ole Miss, the University of Mississippi in June 2015.

Treadwell was lucky enough to meet the woman of his dreams and the love of his life Victoria Lynn Treadwell when he was a player with the Rebels. He joined Ole Miss in November 2012 and stayed there for three seasons until 2015. 

Laquon Treadwell met his wife in 2015 at Ole Miss for the first time. They went back to the same spot four years later in 2019 as the athlete proposed Victoria.
Source : instagram

Treadwell met his wife at the university during his last year with the club. She was there to attend a game even though she wasn’t a student at the University of Mississippi. Instead, Victoria is a Washington State University alumna.

As the couple returned to the precise location where they first met in June 2015, she posted a series of images on Instagram. Treadwell decided to make a proposal to her at the same place where it all started with the thought of savoring those memories. Isn’t that endearing?

“I met him at this very spot four years ago, and I’ve been thankful for his love ever since.”, Victoria wrote in the caption.

Laquon Treadwell Married His Long Term Girlfriend Victoria

Former Vikings star Laquon Treadwell was married to his long-term lover Victoria in 2019. 

The couple dated for four years before their marriage. After the two had their first-ever encounter in 2015, their relationship flourished. Treadwell had a three-year-old daughter when he met Victoria. They dated for almost four years from they first met in 2015 till they tied the wedding knot in 2019.

Football wide receiver Laquon Treadwell with his wife after the game in August 2019 at the U.S. Bank Stadium.
Source : instagram

Married 3/3/19 in the peace and privacy of our covenant.”, Victoria posted on her Instagram. It suggests that the wedding occurred on March 3, 2019, in a private ceremony. They wed in secret, keeping it from everyone.

However, only in June she made it official by announcing it on her Instagram. Sometime before their secret wedding, an American football player and his wife Victoria went on a holiday trip to The Water Palace, Karangasem, in Bali, Indonesia.

She was overjoyed to have encountered the land’s culture, people, and natural beauty. The pair had lots of fun doing different adventures, such as boating, elephant riding, swimming under the waterfall, and trying their local food.

Treadwell and Victoria enjoying an elephant ride during their trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2019.
Source : instagram

Sadly two months after his wife’s 22nd birthday, her father passed away in July 2018. She immediately went to San Pedro, San Jose, Costa Rica, for her father’s memorial service and grieved with her family there. 

Her husband, Treadwell, provided her with an abundance of love & support, and courage so that she could overcome this tragedy.

Laquon Treadwell Children

Laquon Treadwell and his wife Victoria Treadwell have welcomed a son to their family.

A baby boy was born to them on July 1st, 2020. This is the second kid he has since he already has a daughter named Madison Treadwell. On his birth, the Seahawks wide receiver gave him the legendary name Legend Malik Treadwell.

He posted on his Instagram following the birth of his son Legend and thanked his wife, Victoria, for bringing this little baby boy into this fantastic world. “To my beautiful and strong wife, I’m so thankful and honored to be your husband.”

Laquon Treadwell kisses his wife Victoria after they welcomed their first baby together, a boy named Legend Malik Treadwell on July1, 2020.
Source : instagram

Victoria’s Instagram wall is full of pictures of her son Legend Malik. The boy turned two this July, and the happiness of the power couple is also multiplied by two. They are grateful for the family they have not to forget Treadwell’s daughter madison, who is nine now. She is also a part of this close-knit family.

Treadwell posted a lovely picture of him with his son Legend and wife Victoria on this year’s Mother’s Day in May. He appreciated her for all the pain and stress she endured as a mother and for improving his and his family’s lives. Laquon is a true gentleman and husband material.

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