Ryan Harnden Wife Jasmine Harnden Is An Attorney Licensed In Two Countries

Ryan Harnden wife Jasmine Harnden is an attorney licensed in the US and Canada. Jasmine can practice in Michigan and Ontario.

Jasmine married the Canadian curler and Olympic gold medalist in the spring of 2017. The couple celebrated their 5th anniversary on June 17. 

Both Ryan and Jasmine are extremely hardworking people. Currently, Jasmine works as a b

Ryan Harnden Wife Jasmine Harnden Is An Attorney

Ryan Harnden wife Jasmine Harnden is an Attorney licensed in Michigan and Ontario. Jasmine currently practices law at her firm. 

Jasmine decided to pursue law at a young age. Her motivation was simple: to help strangers and families be better and find peace in their own life. Thanks to a very fine upbringing, she wanted to have a career where she could help people and humanity as a whole. 

Jasmine’s first step toward this goal was when she got her degree in Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies from the University of Waterloo. This degree has helped her in understanding relationships, marriage, families, and the psychology of her clients.

After getting her Bachelor, she joined Western Michigan University’s law school, graduating in 2014. She attended the Bar exams in Michigan and Ontario. Jasmine was licensed by the State Bar of Michigan in 2015 and by the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2017.

Jasmine Harnden opened her own law firm in 2019.
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Since then and even during her college, Jasmine has had a ton of experience in law. Her first job was as a Mentor in the Lansing Teen Court rehabilitation program, where she helped juveniles who had committed misdemeanors. 

She worked in and around Michigan till 2016. Jasmine moved to Canada when she got a job as a lawyer in

Jasmine’s niche is laws relating to the welfare of ordinary people. She has worked as a domestic violence victim advocate, criminal defender, and family lawyer. 

In March 2019, Jasmine Harnden opened up her own law firm in , the Law Office of Jasmine Gassi Harnden. She is a barrister and solicitor specializing in family law, child protection, and criminal defense.

Her husband Ryan is very proud of Jasmine and her dedication to her work. “She’s the hardest working, most passionate, determined, loving, and caring person I know. I’m a better person because of her, I love you so much.”, he captioned a post in tribute to his spouse on Women’s day. 

Ryan Harnden Won the Men's Curling Tournament in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
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Ryan Harnden’s career has been just as successful and busy as his partner’s. Since he joined forces with his father and brothers, Eric, E.J., and Caleb, in 2007, his curling prowess has been unstoppable. His father, Eric Harnden, was a three-time Northern Ontario champion. 

Ryan’s career highlight is his active contribution to Brad Jacob’s team won them the gold medal in the 2014  Winter Olympics for Canada and the 2013 Brier Championship.

He played for Team Jacobs until 2022, when Brad Jacobs decided to step away from competitive curling to focus on his family and business opportunities. There have been talks of him joining team Matt Dunstone for the 2022-23 curling season. 

Apart from being a professional curler, Ryan is also a real estate salesperson at an Ontario-based company, Royal LePage. He was a realtor long before he became an Olympic gold medalist. Just as he and his dad teamed up to play curling, they also worked together in the real estate scene for eight years. 

Ryan Harnden and Jasmine Harnden Relationship

Ryan Harnden and Jasmine Harnden married in 2017 and were engaged in 2015.

Their wedding was on a Saturday, June 17, 2017, in front of friends and family. The venue was the bride’s childhood home in Sault Ste. Marie.

They became Instagram official while announcing their engagement. Fans did not know either of them were in a serious relationship before then. Neither Ryan nor Jasmine has revealed when or how they met, but we know that the pair got engaged in December 2015. He proposed in Barbados at Sandal Resorts.

Jasmine Harnden engagement ring after Ryan proposed in 2015.
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Around that time, Jasmine was working as an associate attorney in Michigan. Ryan was still curling, winning Team Jacob’s first career Grand Slam event and the 2015 Player’s Championship. 

Ryan is publicly supportive of his wife in everything that she does. He often posts pictures of him and Jasmine on vacation or on a date night. Looking through his Instagram feed, we can tell that Ryan loves his partner and dogs. 

Curling is not the only sport Ryan is passionate about. He also loves golf, baseball, and ice skating. 

Jasmine, being the workaholic she is, has little to no social media presence. Even though we cannot see her Instagram posts, we are sure she is just as supportive of Ryan as he is of her. 

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