Laura Muir Mother Alison and Dad Crawford Today, Parents and Family Background

Laura Muir is a middle- and long-distance runner from Scotland, United Kingdom, with several reputed accolades. She was the silver medalist in the 1500 meters track race in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with her record-seeking time of 3 minutes, 54 seconds, and 50 milliseconds, ranking her in the top 15 worldwide. 

Moreover, Muir holds the British record for the 1500-meter race with a timing of 3 minutes, 57 seconds, and 49 milliseconds which brought her the title of the winner of the Diamond League competition in London’s Olympic Park. 

Besides, she has also broken the European indoor and Scottish records in different track lengths. And currently, she is in discussions after placing second in the opening 1500-meter semifinal at the current World Athlete Championship Oregon 22.

With all the record-breaking stature in her resume, which owes Muir’s hard work and dedication, a proportion of the credit for her achievements also goes to her family’s support and cheers. 

The achievement of Muir is sung worldwide, but only a few might know about her family background. So, in this article, let us get to know her family better.

British middle- and long-distance runner, Laura Muir
Source : theguardian

Laura Muir Parents And Family: A Fuel To Her Success

The runner, Laura Muir, was born on 9 May 1993 to parents; mother, Alison Muir, and father, Crawford Muir. She is not the only child in her family. She has a younger brother named Rory, who is two years more junior than her. 

Her parents raised Laura in her hometown Milnathort, a local council area of Perth and Kinross. They were adamant about getting Laura the education she needed. They sent her to Kinross High School to complete her high school education. She then continued her education at the University of Glasgow, where she majored in veterinary medicine and received her degree in 2018. 

Besides her academically induced profession as a vet, Laura’s parents are also supportive of her athletic career. While young, sports was just one of Laura’s hobbies as her parents encouraged her and her brother to be active in extracurricular fields. But that took a nice turn, as it even got her the title of an Olympian silver medalist.

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Where Are Laura Muir’s Mother Alison and Dad Crawford Today?

Little detail is known regarding the whereabouts of Laura Muir’s parents, mother Alison and dad Crawford, today. However, they had once appeared in an interview with “scottishathletics” on Youtube in 2021. There, they talked about Laura’s achievements and their feeling at the moment after Laura won the silver medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In the interview, the Muir couple conveyed that their daughter’s exemplary performance genuinely overjoyed them. “We watched the full race and were edging to the edge of our seats as the race progressed, and I think then we were in just floods of tears, but it was lovely,” her mother said in the interview.

Laura’s father added that not being with her daughter when she achieved her biggest triumph was strange. Furthermore, her parents also disclosed that it was during her University period that Laura sought professional guidance on track and field races, framed her passion towards sports, and took it to a professional level. 

Since that interview, Laura’s parents haven’t made many appearances on other platforms. Nonetheless, no matter where they are, they support their daughter’s passion and are always proud of her achievements.

Is Laura Muir Married? Runner’s Relationship Facts

The runner has her romantic life wrapped under sheets, so we cannot tell if she is married or not. Furthermore, there is no credible information about her husband or boyfriend on the Internet.


Similarly, if there were any, her past relationships cannot be speculated on as well, as she has never opened up about them. This 29-year-old athlete could have something going on in her private life, but until and unless she comes upfront about it, we won’t know about it.

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