Laura Sanko Allegedly Cheated On Husband Nathan Sanko With James Krause

The UFC analyst Laura Sanko has allegedly cheated on her husband Nathan Sanko with the UFC coach James Krause. And who is the one to accuse Laura of having an extra-marital affair? 

Megan Anderson, the former UFC women’s featherweight, said it clear and cut in her now-deleted tweet. James Krause was her former coach, and the two didn’t have the best of relationship. 

Anderson does not have the best relationship with the famous UFC analyst Laura Sanko either. At one point, the two UFC ladies were good friends and even had a podcast. But things have taken a bitter turn since 2019.

And now, with this recent controversy, the two may never look eye to eye. It was bold of Anderson to accuse two married people of having an affair, and it looks like the Australian had enough of UFC fans calling her out for throwing her coaches under the bus.

Laura Sanko Cheats On Husband Nathan Sanko With James Krause

The UFC analyst Laura Sanko has been accused of cheating on her husband, Nathan Sanko, with James Krause. And that accusation was made by none other than her former friend Megan Anderson.

In a now-deleted tweet, Megan alleged that her former coach James Krause was having an affair with the UFC analyst with whom she used to host a podcast until 2019, and were rumored to be on bad terms now.

Megan Anderson accused her former coach James Krause of not giving her enough practice sessions unlike Brandon Moreno
Source : twitter

Megan posted a screenshot of a response to a user on YouTube who called her out for throwing her coaches under the bus. Megan then said that she only received 30 mins training session whereas Brandon Moreno was treated notably differently than her.

The Australian has been out of action since 2021 and earlier this year said she wasn’t actively pursuing fights and that she had left glory MMA. Before that, she was being coached by James Krause in the Kansas City-based gym.

After she posted that screenshot on her Twitter handle, a Twitter user replied to her, “Imagine going to Glory MMA of all places for proper coaching and then somehow sleeping with James Krause, Lord have mercy.”

Megan Anderson outwardly said that Laura Sanko was having an alleged affair with her former coach Nathan Sanko
Source : twitter

And Megan gave a fiery comeback and hinted that Laura Sanko was cheating on her husband with Krause. Anderson said, “You should look at Sanko about that actually.”

Laura and James have not commented on anything related to the cheating allegations that the two UFC personalities are currently facing. 

Laura Sanko Husband Nathan Sanko

Nathan Sanko, the husband of Laura Sanko, is an entrepreneur. The pair tied the knot in 2012, after six years of dating, and also share a son named Burke.

A graduate of the University of Arkansas, Nathan earned his degree in BSBA, Economics in 1992. The husband of the famous UFC personality started his career in business as a CEO of a self-found company named Back 2 Basics of Indiana, which he shut down in 2005.

Laura Sanko shared a photo of her husband Nathan Sanko and their son Burke on her Instagram handle on the occassion of Mother's Day
Source : instagram

And if he closed Back 2 Basics of Indiana, Nathan then opened a business of the same name but replaced Indiana with Beef and worked to manage a ranching enterprise in southwest Missouri. 

Currently, Nathan is a board member and is an early investor in Movista. Sanko joined the company in 2010 which works for mobile workforce management.

Nathan also has another company named Leggera Technologies which is a motor vehicle manufacturing business. It uses thixomodeling technology which is different from the usual die-cast magnesium used in the cross-car beams and inner closures.

Laura Sanko shared a throwback snap of her and her husband Nathan Sanko during their 5 year anniversary
Source : instagram

Laura had touted her hardworking husband in a post from 2018. The UFC analyst said her husband was as passionate about his project as he was during his college days when he opened Back 2 Basics of Indiana, which helped solve waste management in L.A. and Chicago.

In 2017, she shared a photo of her with Nathan on their fifth anniversary. She penned a sweet message for her husband, “5 years today!…(plus 7ish years dating.) Nathan, I couldn’t ask for a better life than the one we live together. I couldn’t ask for a more loving father for our son, a more capable provider, or a funnier best friend. Here’s to many more years!

Laura Sanko And James Krause

Laura Sanko and James Krause, the two UFC personalities, have been accused of having an affair by Megan Anderson.

The two have been previously seen leaving comments on each other’s Instagram handle but have never been publicly seen together.

James Krause, the retired MMA player, is the former coach of Megan Anderson and was essentially blamed by her for treating her wrongly.

Anderson accused Krause and his team of focusing more on Brandon Moreno, for whom they conducted personalized training sessions and would even travel with the fighter.

James Krause shared a photo of his wife Shynel Krause on her Birthday in 2020
Source : facebook

James Krause was previously married to his former wife, Shynel Krause, for over a decade. The former UFC fighter has previously posted photos of the pair going on vacations and even have had training sessions together.

The UFC coach posted a tribute for her on her birthday in 2020. He wrote, “Happy birthday. One of the best mothers to our kids and one of the most thoughtful people a guy could ask for! Love you!”

Shynel is a registered nurse and an IVF fusion specialist. Similarly, Laura Sanka is a married woman with a son named Burke. There hasn’t been any sighting of Laura and James together, but being in the same profession, they might have met at some point in time.

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