Who Is Lilyella Zender? Meet Mel Blatt Lookalike Daughter

Melanie Ruth Blatt is a well-known English vocalist born on March 25, 1975. 

It was in 1997 when she first came to public attention as a member of the girl group All Saints. They are one of the best-selling female groups of all time and the second best-selling girl group in the UK. The group has achieved five number one singles, two multi-platinum albums, and two BRIT Awards.

It has sold over 10 million records worldwide. On November 20, 1998, Blatt became a mother to Lilyella, whose father is Stuart Zender, a former bass player for Jamiroquai. Blatt gave birth to her daughter. They ended their relationship at the beginning of 2006.

People all over social media are going frantic about how similar the mother-daughter duo looks. This article has all you need to know about Liyella Zender.

Who Is Liyella Zender?

Melanie has just one kid, a daughter named Lilyella, with her ex-partner, the former bassist for Jamiroquai. Stuart Zender is 48 years old.


Melanie and Stuart ended their relationship in 2005 after dating for eight years, purportedly because he spent time working abroad in Los Angeles at that period.

Lilyella is known for frequently switching up her appearance and may be seen on social media sporting various getups.

Name Lilyella Zender
Date of Birth November 20, 1998
Place of Birth London
Father Stuart Zender
Mother Melanie Blatt

Suppose one were to judge by her social media. In that case, she appears to have a morbid interest in death, vampires, and gothic culture. Her hair has been spotted in several colors, including red, blonde, and even pink.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Melanie and her bandmate Nicole Appleton have both agreed to participate in a new season of Celebrity Gogglebox. It was shown that the producers of the Channel 4 program were ‘desperate’ to persuade the All Saints performers, who are both 47 years old, to return to the show. After their appearance on the Channel 4 shows the previous year, they sent their devoted following into fits of laughter.

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Liyella Zender – Melanie Blatt’s Lookalike

The resemblance between All Saints singer Melanie Blatt’s daughter Lilyella Zender, who is 23 years old, and the singer herself has caused a frenzy among fans. 


Melanie, who is 47 years old, has a lot of images of her stunning daughter on her Instagram, which shows that she adores her daughter very much. Lilyella demonstrates the strength of her relationship with her mother by posting flashback images of the two of them together from when Lilyella was a younger child. 

As far as siblings are concerned, Liyella does not seem to have any. However, Melanie Blatt has a sister, Jasmine Blatt who she loves very much. Melanie is reportedly quite gregarious and extroverted, according to Jasmine. On the other side, she keeps a lower profile. However, the fact that she now has more options is a positive development for her.

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Lilyella Zender Net Worth

It is unknown how much money Lilyella Zender has in the bank.

However, let’s look at her mother and father’s net worth. We will have a better idea of her lifestyle and its associated costs.

It is estimated that her mother, Melanie Blatt, has a net worth of somewhere about $10 million. Melanie Blatt is a British singer and songwriter who rose to fame as a member of the musical girl group All Saints. Melanie is known best for her time with All Saints.

On the other hand, Zender’s father, Stuart Zender, has a net worth of twenty million dollars. Stuart Patrick Jude Zender is a musician from England who plays bass and also writes songs and produces records. The fact that he was Jamiroquai’s first bass player brought him the most of his fame.


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