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5 Unknown Facts About Luke Shaw Sister Nicole Shaw

Luke Shaw celebrating after scroing a goal in the Euros.
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The left wing-back footballer Luke Shaw has a beautiful sister, Nicole Shaw. She is a married woman and has a daughter.

Shaw will represent the English football team in the Fifa World Cup 2022. His team is set to face Iran on Monday, November 21, 2022. He is having a fine season with his football club Manchester United and is setting goals with his national side. 

Before the start of England's match, Shaw's sister, Nicole, shared an Instagram story to wish all the best to her brother. In the picture, she was seen with her baby in a bus seat with England logo.

Who Is Luke Shaw's Sister Nicole Shaw?

Luke Shaw was born alongside his sister, Nicole Shaw, and a brother, Ben Shaw. He is the middle child in his family.

The Shaw children were born to parents Joanna (mother) and Paul Shaw (father).

From Left, Ben Shaw, Nicole Shaw, and Luke Shaw
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Shaw and his siblings attended the Rydens Enterprise School in Hersham. They have spent most of their time in Molesey, Surrey, although Luke was born in Kingston upon Thames, London. Growing up, all the siblings excelled in their respective professions.

According to LinkedIn, Shaw's sister, Nicole Shaw, has been a Commercial Operations Manager at KIN Partners since March 2021. She graduated with a Sports Management and Coachings degree from Buckinghamshire New University.

5 Facts About Luke Shaw's Sister

As Shaw makes his second World Cup appearance this year world cup. Here are some interesting facts about his sister, Nicole, one of his most incredible supporters.

Nicole Shaw posing for a photo at Bâoli Cannes.
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1. Nicole Shaw Is The Oldest Born Sibling

Nicole was born the eldest in the family but is the only daughter. She and her brothers are natural blondes.

In one of the photos shared by Nicole with her brothers, she calls herself, The eldest, shortest, and still living at home.

Nicole Shaw and Luke Shaw when they were babies.
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Nicole always remembers special dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Once, she shared a childhood picture of her and Luke to wish her brother a happy birthday.

Luke and his sisters were lifelong Chelsea supporters, and the footballer has stated that his top priority was to play for the London club.

2. Nicole Shaw Turned 29 This Year

Nicole Shaw is 29 years old. She is in her late twenties, but it still looks like she is the youngest in her family.

Nicole and Luke are only two years apart in age, while Ben is four years younger than her. The birthday of Nicole Shaw is celebrated on January 29. She is an Aquarius, as per the astrological sign. 

Nicole Shaw celebrating her 28th birthday in 2021.
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People who are Aquarius, like Nicole, are intelligent. They are practical thinkers and have a philanthropic nature.

In 2014, Luke also made a tweet wishing his sister on her birthday. He wrote: "Happy birthday to my sister @NicoleyShaw sorry it's late! But I hope you had a good day."

3. She Is A Married Woman And Has A Daughter

Nicole Shaw is married to her husband, Axel. She is also the mother of a baby daughter named Penelope.

Shaw's daughter was born in the year 2021. She is currently nine months old. The same year, Luke's partner, Anouska Santos, also gave birth to his son, Reign.  

Nicole Shaw's husband, Axel and daughter, Penelope.
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On October 29, 2022, Nicole wished her husband, Axel, a birthday. They also celebrated Halloween together. 

Shaw's husband, Alex, has a private Instagram handle under the name @alexwal____ with 82 followers.

4. Nicole Shaw Is A Cat Lover

Nicole has been fascinated with cats since her childhood. One of her family sketches suggested she owned three cats at her parent's home. The cats were named Billy, Bruce, and Phoebe.

In the same hilarious family sketch, Nicole is seen with a purse and heels, hinting that she is a shopping lover. A commentator in the picture has jokingly said: "Poor family, Nicole's the only one who can afford shoes."

Nicole and Luke Shaw's parents, Paul and Joanna Shaw.
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Nicole shared her memory in one of the family pictures with her parents and brothers. In the caption, she teased her young brother, Ben. Nicole has written: " My faves @joannashaw3 @paulshaw1 @lukeshawww #Ben - because he blocks everyone."

5. Nicole Shaw Is Good Friend With Luke Shaw's Girlfriend

Nicole Shaw is exceptionally close with her brother's partner, Anouska Santos. Two are often seen commenting and travelling together.

The daughter of Nicole and the son of Santos are of similar age. While Santos also gave birth to Luke's second child, a daughter, Suri, on May 20, 2022.

Nicole holding Luke Shaw's newly born son, Reign.
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To learn more about Nicole Shaw, we can check out her Instagram handle @nicoleyshaw, with 2,246 followers.