Olympic Athlete Marta Bassino And Boyfriend Marco Casagranda Relationship

Marta Bassino boyfriend Marco Casagranda is a professional alpine ski racer. Marta and Marco are both from Italy.

Marta, an Italian alpine ski racer of 26 years old, is quite transparent about her relationship and has posted many images of her love life on Instagram.

Five-time world champion, Bassino shared the first-ever picture of her with Marco on October 2014 on Instagram.

On Saturday, December 10, the Italian ski racer Bassino won the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup – Women’s Giant Slalom in Sestrieres, Italy. She and her beau Marco are anticipated to celebrate the trophy together.

Marta Bassino Boyfriend Marco Casagranda Is Ski Racer

Marta Bassino and her boyfriend Marco Casagranda are both professional alpine ski racers from Italy.

The two cohabit in the same Borgo San Dalmazzo apartment but are not married to each other. Previously a competitive ski racer, Marco has since toned down his professional ski racing career and is currently not involved in competitive skiing much.

Marta and Marco in Piazza Chanoux on April 24, 2016.
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Born on September 19, 1990, in Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy, Casagranda rose through the ranks of ski racers in Italy. By age 21, he was already achieving great heights playing in major competitions in the country.

Marco registered his name in the Regional College of Ski Instructors of Piedmont on June 29, 2011, where he listed his name on Alpine Skiing. His girlfriend Marta just began competing in junior events in 2014.

Marco, 32, a native of Cuneo, is a source of inspiration and a pillar of success for the 2021 Parallel World Champion, even if he is not an active player now. Bassino has five World Cup victories on her hand.

Marco started playing ski in 2011, and Marta in 2014.
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Unsurprisingly, her partner Marco also favors playing Giant Slalom, and he shined in the discipline. But to his disadvantage, he was unable to win any major tournaments and cups during his playing days.

Marco’s Instagram account @marcocasagranda has 68 posts and 960 followers. He does not upload very often, and his last picture with his lover Marta was in February 2018.

Marta And Marco Dating Life

Marta and Marco have been dating for eight years in 2022.

The Alpine ski racing couple reportedly began dating in 2014, as suggested by their first picture of them on social media. Mart shared an image on her Instagram during a ski racing event with Marco and her friend Floria in Italy.

Marta shared a picture with Marco for the first time in 2014 when they were in Austria.
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Similarly, Marta has also posted a handful of images of their relationship. He shared an image of them with another couple in October 2014 while skiing in Sölden, Austria. It is the first picture of him and Marta on his Instagram.

Ski Racer duo enjoying their time in the sun on a beach in Italy on October 4, 2016.
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The pair went to Localita Sciistica Limone Piemonte in April 2015 during their holiday season with their friends. They were both jovial as they spent quality time with one another, enjoying snow and skiing together.

Marta and Marco made a trip to Sicily, Italy, in May 2017, where they explored the ancient ruins of the historical city, beaches, and beautiful villages in that region.
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Similarly, for their 2016 holiday destination, Marta and Marco chose to travel to Piazza Émile Chanoux, the ancient city of Aosta in Italy.

They visited major ancient monumental buildings, beaches, and cliffs, in the historically rich city of an island on the Italian Peninsula. Similarly, the pair visited picturesque villages and enjoyed the region’s famous cuisine, including pasta con le sarde and arancini.

Marta was on a vacation tour with Marco to the hills of Valle Gesso in May 2020.
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Moreover, Marta and her fiance Marco took a trip to the historic city of Perugia in the Umbria region, Italy. She shared a picture in July 2020 of the two standing on one of the defensive walls in Perugia, glaring at the distance.

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