Tina Weirather Husband Fabio Nay And Their Relationship

Tina Weirather husband Fabio Nay is dating the ski racer since 2017. Tina and Fabio got married in 2022.

They made their relationship public via joint posting on Instagram after five years of dating in 2022. Fabio became a partner in a company producing online content across all forms; before that, he used to be a radio presenter.

Tina is a skier from the small country of Liechtenstein, with a population under 38,000. Tina hails from an Olympic family who have secured all nine Olympic medals the country has ever won.

Tina Weirather Husband Fabio Nay

Tina Weirather husband Fabio Nay works with Live Fabrik Radio in Zurich.

Nay has been associated with Live Fabrik Zurik since December 2019. Live Fabrik is a Zurich-based radio that specializes in producing content that feels natural and entertaining simultaneously. Fabrik produces content that has depth while maintaining a professional touch.

Fabio and Tina attend the wedding of their friends Riccardo and Christine at Sertig Dorfli.
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Fabio was born in January 1989 in the picturesque village of Graubünden, Trimmis. The 33-year-old has always shown keen interest in having a career in Radio. His radio career goes back to his high school days. While still in school, he moderated a youth program on Radio Southeast of Switzerland, known as “Radio Grischa.”

The Radio Jockey’s alma mater is the University of Bern. There he studied political science and economics. After completing his internship at Grischa, he was hired to work there. He worked produced and moderated sports programs there.

After receiving his undergraduate degree from Bern, he moved his career to Radio SRF, where he was one of three glass box moderators who helped in fundraising. Even after being accomplished in his career, Nay feels that his name isn’t suitable for telephoning.

Tina and Fabio Married Life

Tina and Fabio married after five years of dating at the Hotel Gorfion, a ski resort in Malbun.

They walked down the aisle on September 16, 2022. The venue for their wedding was scenic as it could be in Chur, which is known for its picturesque towns surrounded by nature courtesy of The Alps. 

The story of how this radio presenter and athlete got together is enchanting at their wedding. Before they started dating, the ex-ski star thought all the good guys were taken. 

Liechtenstein’s star saw a report on TV about a man, working in Radio, trying out for giant slalom, a skiing newbie. Tina immediately took upon Instagram and slid in Fabio’s DM, which she had never done before. But as the stars would have it, Nay also had previously sent her a DM fanboying over her special training video. 

Tina and Fabio married in Hotel Gorfion, a ski resort in Malbun.
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After that DM exchange, the couple agreed to a first date, which, as you guessed, was a ski date at Films-Laax. The pair instantly hit off with their chemistry. 

Both recall being nervous about meeting each other and having doubts about each other. Tina wondered what she would do if he turned out to an idiot while picking him up from the train station at Sargans.

Fabio and Tina's photos by Olivia Pulver for Schweizer Illustrierte.
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The couple decided to have it slow with their relationship, and they met each other’s families in the summer of 2017. Fabio was able to woo Tina’s Olympics powerhouse of the family by geeking about his love of airplanes which the Weirathers shared. Tina noted in an interview with Schweizer Illustrierte that her parents and brother were immediately very fond of Fabio.

The nuptials was an intimate ceremony with just family and friends. Ex- ski star and the radio personality booked the whole hotel for their wedding, and guests stayed the night. The morning after the wedding was followed with brunch accompanied by live music, and everyone adorned traditional costumes, dirndls, and lederhosen. 

The newly wedded duo have said that even though they’re public figures in Europe, they like the anonymity; they enjoy sushi in Zurich without being disturbed. 

The pair talked about what their future might hold down the line. Fabio wants to have his little cottage on a hill where they can ski. His other half wants to rent out different places to go skiing instead of settling for one. Mr. and Mrs. Nay have shared a common liking of one having their traditions, like maybe eating cordon bleu every New Year.

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