Matt Hamill Wife Sahar Motta Is A Belly Dancer In California

Matt Hamill wife Sahar Motta got engaged to Samir Motta in August 2022 following their divorce. Sahar is a belly dancer.

Matt and Sahar married in 2009 and divorced in 2019. They share two kids, with their oldest being nine and the youngest being seven. His former spouse had already started dating ASL translator Samir by May. 

In The Ultimate Fighter 3 reality television series, Hamill trained with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz in the 205 lb weight class. His wife was also part of the TV series.

To know more about their marriage and what Sahar has started doing since their separation, continue scrolling.

Matt Hamill Former Wife Sahar Motta Got Engaged To Samir Motta After Their Divorce

Matt Hamill wife Sahar Motta is a former model for Deafinit model agency. Matt and Sahar were married for a decade.

They tied the knot in 2009 and had two kids by the time 2015 rolled around, Elaina and Matt Jr. They became parents for the first time with the birth of their daughter, Elaina, in 2013. She is nine years old. They welcomed their son Matt Jr into their growing family two years later.

Matt and Sahar with their son Matthew in 2015.
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Matt Jr is on the football team of his school. Both their kids like to jump off bridges and mini cliffs. On June 3, Elaina and Matt made a 1 1/2 to 2 backflip. Matt posted a post saying it reminded him of when he was a kid and loved to jump off loveland bridge near McCoys pony keg in the late 80s.

He also has an older daughter, Tierra Hamill, from his previous marriage. She started working at Ramsey’s restaurant after graduating in 2019.

Sahar with her fiance Samir Motta.
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Following their divorce, Sahar started seeing Samir Motta in May 2019. Her fiance is a Luxury Car Collector and a Translator of American Sign Language at the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Samir is also the Founder, Director and CEO at Kings of Cannabis.

They gave birth to their son, Valentino, in November 2020 and live in Heavenly Hills, California. He proposed to her on August 14, 2022. Samir asked her to be his the day before her birthday on the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills rooftop. 

Sahar Motta Is A Belly Dancer

Sahar Motta is a belly dancer who also takes classes to teach students the art of middle eastern dance.

According to Matt Hamil’s Facebook post, she started taking appointments to perform exotic and international belly dancing in October 2017. She would appear in weddings, middle eastern theme events, theatrical events, cultural parties, and professional events in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.

Sahar with her daughter during a photoshoot
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She does a Middle Eastern dance that involves shifting one’s hips and abdomen, mesmerizing the audience while she does so. Sahar draws influence from other artists that use the belly dance style today, but Colombian singer Shakira is the movement’s best-known exponent.

Hamil’s former partner was one of the top models at Deafinit Models & Talent. The agency is known for filling the void of Deaf Models, Actors and other Performers on screen and the runway. Motta also took bookings to thread women’s brows for a certain time. She has since stopped doing so.

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