Matt Painter Current Wife Sherry Painter Is A Registered Nurse In Purdue

Matt Painter wife Sherry Painter is a registered nurse from West Lafayette Indiana. Matt and Sherry married in October 2018 in Purdue.

Sherry is Matt’s second spouse. He walked down the aisle with Jerri Painter in 2003 but they divorced in 2013.

After a few years of parting with Jerri, Painter found the love of his life. They have been together for four years.

Furthermore, Matt and Sherry share a healthy bond with their children. 

Matt Painter Current Wife Sherry Painter Since 2018

Purdue coach Matt Painter current wife Sherry Painter is from West Lafayette Indiana. 

Sherry updated a Facebook to reveal that she married the man of her dream on the 5th of October 2018 and the 5th of October 2022 marked their four blissful years of togetherness as a married couple.

Matt and Sherry shared their experience of battling cancer together (Sherry is a breast cancer survivor).
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Matt’s better half is also active on Instagram but has maintained a private under the handle @sherrypainter44. Likewise, she has also shared a few photos with her husband on her Twitter account, @ShePainter44.

However, she is the basketball coach’s second relationship. Before finding her, Painter spent a decade with Jerri Painter.

The pair were in a marital relationship from 2003 to 2013, and after five years of parting from his first spouse, he started a new life with a new partner. 

Sherry Painter Is A Registered Nurse

Sherry Painter is a registered nurse and a retiring flight attendant who survived breast cancer.

Per her LinkedIn profile, she began working at Unity Ambulatory Surgery Center Inc. in 2015. It has been over seven years since she served as a registered nurse and delivered her service to needy patients.

Matt and Sherry wore the Suits and Sneakers T-shirts they sold to raise funds for Coaches Vs. Cancer program.
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Furthermore, Painter supports the American cancer society as she won her battle against breast cancer. So, she always helps raise awareness about the topic to people whenever and wherever she can. 

Her world turned upside down the day before thanksgiving when she found out that she got diagnosed with cancer, but she fought it with the love and care of her family. Moreover, Sherry had her husband by her side through every battle.

Matt Painter And Sherry Painter Family Life 

Matt Painter and Sherry Painter have been living together in Purdue.

The power couple appeared in an interview with Coaches vs. Cancer and shared their experience of Sherry’s battle with breast cancer there. They also shared a family photo including seven members, two of them with five youthful people; two boys and three girls. 

Matt and Sherry had quality time with their family. The Painters look happiest together while enjoying their lives to the fullest.
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The basketball coach and his better half support one another at every step of their lives. They work together to raise funds for those fighting against pediatric cancer, and they escalated nearly $27,000 by selling Suits and Sneakers T-shirts in 2021. Matt thanked his fans, who purchased 452 t-shirts that contributed to their donation. 

Matt Painter Is A Proud Father Of His Children

Matt Painter is a dad to three kids Brayden Painter, Emma Painter, Maggie Painter, and Wyatt Painter.

Matt took a selfie with his children while attending a game together.
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Brayden Painter Also Worked At Purdue 

Per Brayden Painter’s Facebook bio, he is a former Purdue Men’s Basketball Manager.

Brayden celebrated his graduation with his mom and dad.
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He is also a 2019 big ten champion and a 2021 Hall of Fame Classic Champion, and his mother is Kim Lei. The mother-son duo has posted pictures of them on the internet, and Kim is also a Purdue alumnus, as cited in her Twitter bio.

Maggie Painter Is The Daughter Of Jerri Painter

Maggie Painter was born to Matt Painter and Jerri Painter. She has shared a few pictures with her mom. 

 Maggie and her beautiful mother, Jerri Painter, flaunted their smile.
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Maggie is a talent acquisition consultant at Olaris, Inc, and before that, she served as a consultant at The Bowdoin Group. She has also worked at other companies, including Mix Talent, Satterfield Renzenbrink Associates, Louis Vuitton, and more.

Maggie and Emma are very close and often goof around each other.
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Moreover, she attended William Henry Harrison High School and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Purdue University. The consultant is active on social networking sites under the handles @swaggiepainter and @maggie_painter. Likewise, Emma also occasionally appears on her social network. 

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