Who Was Matthew Lawrence Cheating With? Cheryl Burke Divorce Process Can Go Dirty

An American actor and singer, Matthew Lawrence, known for playing Billy in the 2002 comedy film “The Hot Chick,” is often in the media headlines due to his love life crisis.

Born in the United States, the native of Pennsylvania, Lawrence initiated his career in the showbiz industry in 1984. He was cast as Danny Carrington on ABC primetime opera Dynasty. He appeared in three episodes.

In the meantime, his ex-partner, Cheryl Burke, is a model and television host. She is most known for appearing as a professional dancer on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” when she made history by becoming the first professional dancer to win the competition twice in a row.

Who Was Matthew Lawrence Cheating With? Cheryl Burke Subtle Hint On Her TikTok Video

Has Matthew Lawrence been unfaithful to Cheryl Burke? Did he cheat on her? After she released a TikTok about a disloyal ex, her fans believed that.

Many of her buffs believed Cheryl Burke’s former husband, Matthew Lawrence, had cheated on her after she shared a startling TikTok video. Amid her divorce from estranged spouse Matthew Lawrence, Cheryl Burke appeared to hint about learning about an ex’s infidelity.

On Wednesday, August 24, the 38-year-old Dancing With the Stars pro shared a TikTok video of herself sitting down, wailing along to Adele’s classic “When We Were Young” and displaying a dejected expression.

She captioned the video with, “When he said he would never talk to her again yet I found text messages, viagra, and a necklace hidden in a pair of his shoes.”

Though Burke did not mention the name, several social media users immediately surmised that she was alluding to the reason why she and Lawrence had parted ways. She chose not to identify the ex in question, enabling her admirers to make assumptions in the comments as to who the intended recipient of her jab was.

However, a reliable source exclusively informed the post was purposefully vague. Cheryl has a history of abusive relationships; thus, any of them could be the subject of her allusion to an ex.

Inside of Matthew Lawrence – Cheryl Burke Divorce And Their Relationship Timeline

The ongoing divorce process between actor Matthew Lawrence and television personality Cheryl Burke spiced up even further after Burke posted a TikTok video cryptically addressing one of her exes who did dirty on her.

Her fans believe the guy she mentioned was none other than her ex-husband Matthew Lawrence. Early this year, using the grounds of “irreconcilable divorces,” Burke filed for divorce on February 18; their detachment date was listed as January 7.

In response to the complaint, Lawrence requested that their prenuptial agreement be respected and that spousal support for each party is discontinued in March. “They are keeping their divorce matters private.” US magazine reported.

Cheryl Burke filed for divorce against Matthew Lawrence
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Lawrence, who was just stepped foot on the steps of stardom by starring in Mrs. Doubtfire and Boy Meets World, first met Cheryl in 2006. The duo started dating in 2007, but he ended things the following year due to her drinking habit.

Cheryl and Matthew came close again after a separation of over ten years, and they reconciled in 2017. Cheryl stopped drinking once they were engaged, and they were ultimately married in San Diego in May of 2019.

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Does Matthew Lawrence Have Kids?

Apparently not. The Boys Meet World star does not yet get that privileged feeling of having any kids, similar to his ex-wife Burke.

In September 2015, speaking with The Sun, Burke claimed that she isn’t confident that she wants to become pregnant and feels that it isn’t “perfect” for her then.

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