Mike E Winfield x Metaphysic Performance Stunned Judges In AGT, This Was Howie’s Reaction

Mike E Winfield and Metaphysic advanced to the next month’s finale of America’s Got Talent.

These two fortunate performers will join the six others whose inclusion in the finale had already been announced. They are saxophonist Avery Dixon, singing group Chapel Hart, rocker Drake Milligan, illusionist Nicolas Ribs, singer Sara James, and magician Yu Hojin.

The competition went fierce on Wednesday night, August 31, for two of the final spots on America’s Got Talent. The seventeenth season’s grand final approaches quickly, and the intensity is riling up.

How Old Is Mike E Winfield? Age in 2022

Actor and comedian Mike E Winfield is demure about his age. However, the way Mike E. Winfield looks suggests that he is in his late 20s. Unlike other performers on AGT, he did not mention his age.

Winfield did not have an ideal childhood; in an interview, he revealed he escaped from his home when he was a little child. Winfield said the atmosphere was very toxic in his house, and the best thing would be to get out of that. 

An individual who discovered his path, Mike E. Winfield, except for his mother, did not always have parents around. Mike struggled in Baltimore, where he was born, but Sacramento allowed him to meet new people and develop new relationships. The place where he started comedy and the rest is history.

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Winfield is wed to an older woman who is the mother of his child, says his official website. Kisha, Mike’s wife, attended the AGT auditions beside him. He often makes jokes about his wife and their vast age gap. 

The comedian frequently makes gags about how his wife treats him like a child due to their age difference. However, despite their age difference, the couple appears to have a good love connection and care for one another, and there are no open rumors of a divorce.

AGT Star Wife Kisha, Mike E Winfield Personal Life In A Nutshell

Winfield and Kisha, his wife, have been romantically together for over ten years. The comedian married Kisha, already a mother of a son, when they met.

In the middle of his career triumph, he fell in love with a much older lady who was already a mother and married her. In his exhibits, he routinely makes light of his wife’s age and relationship with his stepson.

Since Mike wasn’t ready to be a spouse, he made several mistakes during the marriage. He lovingly calls his stepson, whom he has subsequently come to know, StepMAN, due to their age gap.

He creates content from the ups and downs of his life and marriage, which he then plays on stage. Kisha appears to be a dedicated wife who encouraged her husband’s choice to pursue a career in comedy and enjoys watching him deliver on stage and make people laugh.

Comedian Mike E Winfield was married to his wife Kisha
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What is Mike E Winfield Net Worth?

According to multiple websites, the comedian has an estimated net worth greater than $100,000 as of 2022. If he were to be victorious in America’s Got Talent grande finale, Winfield would pocket around $500.000 as a cash prize.

He is a comedic marvel because of his unique and engaging humor. When he was young, he moved away from Baltimore to seek comedy and avoid the rough streets. Besides, an average US comedian earns around $55,000 to $60,000 yearly from his profession.

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Mike E Winfield x Metaphysic Performance Stuns Judges

Because of Mike E Winfield’s and Metaphysic’s eclectic performances, the pair booked their seat in this season’s America’s Got Talent finale. 

Some competitors managed to differentiate themselves from the rest. After watching his funny show, Simon Cowell predicted that comedian Mike E. Winfield would advance to the finals.

On the other hand, using artificial intelligence, a spectacular operatic performance was delivered by musicians Metaphysic, employing AI projections of Cowell, Mandel, and host Terry Crews. Metaphysic continued to bend reality one more time which projected them to the next month’s finale episode.

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