Are Murad Merali Parents Indian? Love Island Star Explains His Ethnic Background And You Might Just Be Surprised

Murad Merali is a social media star known for his Youtube channel. He is also a popular podcast host and contestant on Love Island. 

The social media icon is best known for posting reaction videos and, at the same time, for his explosive interviews. He has a total of 292 thousand followers on his Youtube channel.

Are Murad Merali Parents Indian? His Ethnicity And Origin

Murad Merali’s parents are Turkish, not Indian. The blogger’s parents moved to Great Britain when he was young. 

According to his profile on, he was born in a Muslim family and belonged to a mixed ethnic race. He is Yemeni of Turkish and Pakistani origin.


Merali has confirmed that his grandmother is of Arab and Turkish origin, born in Ethiopia. According to one of his tweets, his cherished grandma passed away in 2020 at 92 from Alzheimer’s and Coronavirus.

After his grandmother’s death, he tweeted: ‘To see my Mother hysterically crying holding my Grandfather’s hand as he had his last breath at home was crippling. Laying there, dead.’

‘Waiting to be collected to be put in a box. Coronavirus stole his life. Verily we belong to God & to him, we’ll return. Please. Stay. At. Home.’

The social media star was born alongside many siblings, although he has not shared anything about them on his social media. The British vlogger is active with the handlename @murad_merali on Instagram and has 68.9 thousand followers.

Love Island Star Murad Merali Goes To Controversy After A Viral Video

Youtuber Murad Merali has suffered criticism after his old video surfaced on social media.

The clip shows him in graphic content that shows him getting physical with African and Asian men. The blogger invites the men to drink his pee from a glass while stamping his foot on their faces while wearing gimp masks.

In addition, the blogger used some racial slurs to caption the video. As a result, he has drawn a significant amount of controversy.

The blogger continued using racial insults against persons of different ethnicities, including a disparaging phrase for a Chinese person, the N-word, and the term “monkeys.”

Murad Merali has just posted a video to his YouTube channel discussing his background after all the claims came to light and his name started trending on Twitter. He has accepted responsibility for the video. However, he denies others.

Merali said: ‘First, the written content is not me, I do not write the severely derogatory comments and I will stand by that – this is not who I am.’

He continued: ‘Some of this content is also not me, and I can profusely apologize, I take full accountability for how this has come across and how everybody has felt from this content. Some of this content is me, not now, not recently, in the last five to six years, not any moment now.’

The YouTuber also discussed how he developed an obsession on foot to earn money and escape from his abusive teenage years in the second half of the video.

Who Is Murad Merali? His Wikipedia

Murad Merali was born in London, the United Kingdom, on the 5th of January, 1996.

In February 2014, he started a Youtube account and began posting videos of himself wearing his favorite outfits and discussing fashion.

Merali slowly began to create reaction videos and storytimes. He made many popular podcasts along with Love Island contestants.

His video on YouTube with Tamar Braxton and her appearance on The Real received the most views. He recently shared his opinions on Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s breakup.

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