Who Is Paige, 27 From Farmer Wants A Wife? 5 Facts To Know

Paige, aged 27, from Farmer Wants a Wife is the first female in the show looking for her soulmate to get connected with; 

A young woman has made her appearance for the first time in the seven series, and the viewers couldn’t be more thrilled to know her better. Farmer Wants a Wife has given out their exciting cast, and Paige is one of them who has stolen the light. 

Age 27 years old
Place Cassilis, NSW
Type of Farmer Sheep and cattle Farmer
Interests Baking, Cooking, Rock Climbing, Hiking
Family NA
Father NA
Mother NA
Siblings Na

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Who Is Paige, 27 From Farmer Wants A Wife? 

Paige is a 27-years-old woman searching for her lover in the TV series “Farmer Wants a Wife/Husband.” She has the perfect life she ever dreamed of; however, a piece seems to be missing from her life, and the woman is here to find it. 

As she comes to the show, she expresses, “I know my guy is out there, I just haven’t met him yet! Finding true love would complete the whole package.” Regardless of her trying to find her soulmate, she doesn’t have an ideal picture in mind; even so, to win her heart, the person must first win her values, “honesty, respect, reliability, and sense of humor.”

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Does Farmer Paige Have Ex-Husband? 5 Facts To Know

Paige is looking for a spouse in the show “Farmer Wants a Wife” and doesn’t seem to have any record of having an ex-husband or past marital relationships. However, she admitted that her “dating skills are a little bit rusty,” even so, the young lady is “not a hopeless romantic.”

  • Paige knew her life goal was to be a farmer when she was just 15 years old and thus grew up to be an independent and confident young woman by the time she reached 27.
  • Besides her interests, Paige likes to spend her leisure time horse riding, camp drafts, going to rodeos, and training her dogs. What’s more, she is looking for someone to enjoy the company.
  • Paige left her city life to follow her dream of farm life in Cassilis, NSW. She has now become the first female on Farmer Wants a Wife in the mission to find her better half. 

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Paige Is A Farmer From NSW

Paige has accomplished everything she hoped for in life, and now she is looking for a husband to settle down with. Leaving her city life behind, she traveled from Brisbane and moved to Cassilist, NSW, to live a simple farm life. 

She doesn’t want to walk away from the show with “regrets or what-ifs,” but she is determined to find her perfect match. The nine men will compete to match with the farmer, and luckily, Paige might find her desired partner.  

Hopefully, the journey to her show might complete the missing piece in her life, finding true love.

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