Why Is Alexandra Jarvis Teeth So White? Plastic Surgery and Fans Theory On Cosmetic Transformation

An attorney located in the United States, Alexandra Jarvis is a member of the cast of the new program “Selling The OC,” which can be viewed online on Netflix.

She is a model and a real estate agent, and she was born and raised in Alabama. She received her degree from the University of California, Berkeley. The actress is now thirty-two. She currently makes her home in Orange County, in the state of California. Her previous experience includes working as an attorney for a Newport Beach-based litigation company.


Before beginning her new career as a real estate agent with The Oppenheim Group in Newport Beach, she spent several years honing her skills as a lawyer. By assisting clients in her law practice, the young attorney could shift from her previous lawyer job into a real estate career. She is a lady with substantial legal knowledge and real estate expertise.

She attributes her success as a real estate agent to her history. She makes a point of emphasizing how much she likes supporting her clients in the process of locating the homes of their dreams.

Alexandra is seen in Selling the OC alongside others such as Alexandra Rose, Lauren Brito Shortt, Austin Victoria, and Tyler Stanaland.

Why Is Alexandra Jarvis Teeth So White?

There is no cause for concern regarding the health of Alexandra Jarvis’s teeth.

She plays the role of the young attorney appearing in the upcoming season of the Netflix drama “Selling The OC.” The attorney is one of eleven real estate agents working for the Oppenheim Group that assist high-profile clients in purchasing their dream homes in the Orange County area.

There is no cause for concern regarding the health of Alexandra Jarvis's teeth.
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The show gives viewers an inside look at the luxurious lives led by the reality show’s cast members. It demonstrates how successful a real estate agent can be in Orange County.

In the show, the real estate agent must apply her considerable legal experience and her knowledge as a realtor to bargain on behalf of her clients, aid them in finding the best deal possible, and sell homes for several millions of dollars.

Alexandra Jarvis Plastic Surgery And Cosmetic Transformation

Some individuals believed that Alexandra Jarvis’s stunning appearance resulted from some cosmetic procedure.

She has been accused of undergoing genioplasty, in addition to Botox, because her lovely chin does not appear to be entirely natural.

Changing, augmenting, or advancing the appearance of the chin can be accomplished by the surgical procedure known as genioplasty. Injections and surgical procedures are both options for achieving this goal.

Chin augmentation surgery involves inserting a synthetic material into the chin and its subsequent fixation on the bone. Alloplastic implants, made from synthetic materials, are the most commonly used today. Fillers such as body fat can be injected using needles to alter the look of the chin without the need for surgical procedures.

Alexandra Jarvis is also one of the cast members who is suspected of undergoing plastic surgery to enhance her beauty.
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The star of “Selling the OC” has not stated the allegations. On the other hand, Alexandra Jarvis may also be completely organic. Just the fact that she is wealthy and has a gorgeous chin gives us grounds to suspect that she has had cosmetic surgery.

In addition, a few of her admirers believe Jarvis possesses peculiar teeth. On the other hand, we have no information on her teeth or any other cosmetic improvements that she may have had.

Alexander Jarvis Partner

There has been no wedding for Alexandra Jarvis yet.

She is committed to the connection she has had for a very long time with Sergio Ducoulombier. On December 25, 2020, the lovely pair will officially become engaged. She informed her followers through her official Instagram account that she and her boyfriend, Sergio, are engaged.

It was in a restaurant in Newport Beach three years ago that she first met her future husband, as stated in the most recent Instagram story that Jarvis uploaded.

Alexandra Jarvis is in a relationship with her long-term partner, Sergio Ducoulombier.
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There, she was enjoying a meal with her closest companion. Sergio and his buddies were also present at the time. He wanted to know whether he and his friends could come to her house for supper, so he asked her. The cute pair spent the evening together in Newport Beach, where they ate supper.

The moment the two people meet, they cannot help but fall in love. Since then, they have never been apart from one another again. Her partner is the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation that goes by the name Slip Cash Inc.

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