Who Was Paula Parkinson? Details About The Story And Photos Explained

Paula Parkinson

Paula Parkinson was an American lobbyist who found herself in the center of a widely reported political scandal in 1980. She went on a golfing trip to Florida in 1980 with three US House of Representatives members.

According to a Delaware newspaper, during a golfing vacation in January 1980, Parkinson shared property in Florida with, among others, Representatives Tom Evans (R-Del. ), Tom Railsback (R-Ill.), and then-Rep. Dan Quayle (R-Ind.).

Parkinson claims in a published interview that Dan Quayle "flirted" with her during the 1980 vacation and "wanted to make love."

Many people search for Paula Parkinson's Wikipedia page, but she is not listed on Wikipedia. However, we have gathered some information about Paula Parkinson.

Paula Parkinson Wikipedia

Paula Parkinson was an American lobbyist. Paula Parkinson was heading for a golfing trip to Florida in 1980, and three Republican congressmen joined her.

Paula was involved in a widely reported political controversy. On Capitol Hill, there were reports that Parkinson had forged a sensual path through Washington that included videotaped lovemaking sessions, sexual activities, blackmail, and abortion when three Republican congressmen joined them for a golf trip to Florida.

Parkinson has been suspected of exchanging sexual favors for political benefits, which the Justice Department wants to investigate.

 Paula Parkinson's three Florida housemates, who later supported her on a crop insurance bill nine months later, deny that their contacts with her had any bearing on their decisions.

Parkinson posed bare for Playboy and admits that her attractiveness helped open doors to congressional offices and bedrooms.

Paula wants to discuss what happened behind those doors with more than just the Justice Department. For information about Parkinson's love life, reporters barrage her family in Texas.

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The Story About Paula Parkinson

Paula Parkinson traveled to Florida in 1980 with three Republicans to play golf. In an interview, Parkinson claims that Quayle "flirted" with her during their 1980 trip and "wanted to make love."

The junior senator from Indiana, Dan Quayle, has stated that he did not have a relationship with Parkinson. There was no illegal behavior discovered in the Justice Department's investigation into Parkinson's connections to Congressmen.

The Justice Department looked into Parkinson's actions about claims of a sex-and-influence scandal but abandoned its investigation in August 1981 without making any criminal accusations.

She told the FBI that "Quayle made a move and stated he would like to sleep with" her, according to Washington attorney Roy Kinsey, who was also present during the interview but no longer represents Ms. Parkinson.

In the November issue of Playboy magazine, Parkinson, who previously appeared bare for the publication in 1980, once again appears in that state.

The magazine's editors declined to go into further detail about the specifics of the additional statements she purportedly plans to have published on Quayle.

Paula Parkinson shares her early years in Washington relatively quickly. She claims to have heard her divorced husband, several legislators, and others openly discuss their political and sexual motivations.

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