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Polly Brindle Net Worth Of Over $200 Thousand, Real Estate Agent Has A Story To Tell

Polly Brindle is a British-American realtor
Polly Brindle is a British-American realtor( Source : meaww )

Although Selling The OC on Netflix was just released a short while ago, the estate agents are already the subject of much conversation. One of them is Polly Brindle.

Brindle is employed by The Oppenheim Group in OC premium real estate. She is a former British model who turned into a real estate business. In Newport Beach, California, in the Oppenheim Set, Jason Oppenheim will oversee a new cluster of agents as the show progresses.

In the most recent Netflix episode of Selling The OC, Polly Brindle stands as one of the 11 newest agents working for the Oppenheim Group, where she deals with all the activities related to real estate.

However, many people are misinterpreting her accent while watching Selling The OC. She is British and hailed from Northern England. Besides, the 36-year-old television personality also holds American nationality.

Polly Brindle Net Worth Of Over $200 Thousand, Selling The OC Cast Earnings

According to Gossip Next Door, former model Polly Brindle is enjoying a booming career with a net worth of more than $200 thousand, roughly around $1 million.

Brindle, a denizen of Yorkshire, moved to America at age 15 after getting discovered for modeling work in the UK. She spent her early years in West Yorkshire before relocating to Los Angeles in 2011. Polly became a citizen of the US in March of this year.

She has spent the last two decades working for companies like Lancôme, Dior, and Aston Martin in London, Paris, and Barcelona. Brindle has been in the design hubs of the globe.

Polly has a history of acting, so appearing in front of the camera shouldn't be a huge surprise. Her acting career is in addition to her work as a model, real estate agent, and current reality TV personality.

Polly Brindle Net Worth is more than $1 million
Polly Brindle Net Worth is more than $1 million ( Source : netflix )

Thus, the model-turned-real estate agent succeeded in becoming one of the series' most famous faces and showcasing her growing professionalism.

In comparison, his fellow Selling The OC crew member Tyler Stanaland, also a husband of Gossip Girl star Brittany Snow has a net worth of $350,000. Meanwhile, Alexandra Rose, another new Oppenheim Group recruit who closed a sale deal worth $100 million, has an estimated net worth of close to $1 million as of 2022.

Ex Husband Story On Selling The OC, Is Polly Brindle Married Now?

The English-born real estate agent Polly Brindle is not married. In an episode, divorced Polly talks about her ex-husband, claiming that their relationship ended because she discovered him having an extramarital affair with a hooker.

All those years, she was shy to share her marriage life and how it failed. But she discussed her marriage and divorce openly in the opening episode. 

When Austin queried if Polly and her ex-husband split up because they each wanted to have their ways, Brindle responded that it was more melodramatic. "it was a plane crash ending." she explained. In her confession, Polly provided further context for what she meant.

Although the realtor didn't expressly identify her ex-husband in the Netflix series, her Instagram account provides insight into who he may be. His name is Stephen Wolf, and she addressed him as the "hottest husband" in her January 2017 post on Instagram.

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The Covid-19 Pandemic And Polly Brindle Venture In Real Estate

Polly Brindle decided to toil in real estate during the covid pandemic. 

After relocating to the US with her ex-husband, she chose to stay there. In an interview with Women's Health, she said that following their separation, she started doing many side jobs, including managing an architecture business and working in and managing a restaurant.

She began preparing for her real estate licensure in January 2021, and she was still preparing when Jason extended an employment offer to her at The Oppenheim Group. Brindle was one of the earliest OC office agents that Jason had hired.

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