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Princeton Emmanuel Sanders: 5 Facts To Know About Emmanuel Sanders Son

Emmanuel Sanders's son Princeton
Source : instagram

Emmanuel Sanders has a son named Princeton Emmanuel Sanders with his wife, Gabriella Waheed.

Sanders is a former well-known football wide receiver who spent 12 seasons in the National Football League (NFL).

He also played for the Buffalo Bills, the New Orleans Saints, and the San Francisco 49ers. He won Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos over the Carolina Panthers.

Sanders started for Southern Methodist University for three seasons, and his last two seasons saw him earn All-Conference recognition.

The Pittsburgh Steelers chose him in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He was the first of two wide receivers the Steelers drafted in 2010, along with Antonio Brown, as the seventh wide receiver.

Who Is Emmanuel Sanders's Son Princeton Emmanuel Sanders?

Emmanuel Sanders's son Princeton is eight years old boy born in 2014. Princeton is the most followed child on Instagram.

Emmanuel Sanders's son Princeton is 8 years old
Source : instagram

Though he is a child, he has posed many unique poses and posted them on his Instagram account. His Instagram account is handled by his parents, Emmanuel Sanders and Gabriella.

Both Emmanuel and Gabriella has posted pictures of their children on their Instagram account. They have shared many adorable images along with their children.

Princeton's mother, Gabriella Waheed, gained national attention as the wife of New Orleans Saints wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. She designs children's clothing and works as a model and wardrobe stylist.

Many images of Gabriella's kids on Instagram are used for advertising the kids' apparel industry. The company is referred to as "high-end streetwear," and it offers a wide variety of kid-friendly items.

5 Facts About Emmanuel Sanders Son Princeton Emmanuel Sanders

Princeton Emmanuel Sanders at Rookie USA kIds apparel
Source : instagram

1. As of 2022, Princeton Emmanuel Sanders is 8 years old as he was born in 2014. 

2. He joined the entertainment industry and walked as a model for Rookie USA kids apparel. 

3. Princeton Sanders, the son of Emmanuel Sanders, has 49.9k followers on Instagram despite being just eight years old. His parents, Emmanuel and Gabriella, manage his Instagram account and post pictures with captions.

4. Princeton has one sister named Zoie, born in 2016, and they share an incredible bond. There are many adorable photos of him and his sister on social media.

5. His mother, model Gabriella, launched Kid Kong NYC, a line of children's clothes, in 2017. She said that her children assisted in starting the company when speaking to Wags Redefined at the time of its establishment.

Adorable Picture Of Princeton With His Parents

There are many lovely photos of Princeton Emmanuel Sanders and his family on his Instagram account. Though he is young, he has posed a photo in a very attractive way in a stylish get-up.

Princeton Emmanuel Sanders with his family
Source : instagram

He was also seen with Aqib Talib's son after one of Denver's training camp practices, and his Instagram is filled with the cutest images.

Additionally, he appears on his parents' Instagram account. His mother, Gabriella, has shared images of their children to promote her fashion brands on her Instagram account.

She has worked as a wardrobe stylist on music videos and advertisements for Viacom in the past. Gabriella then started working with her personal customers.

His mother comes from a multi-ethnic family, which is Armenian-Persian-Egyptian Descent.

His father, Emmanuel Sanders, has also posted pictures with his children on his Instagram account. They all appear to be happy with their life.