Why Was Singer Stephanie Bolton Arrested? Charges For Three Criminal Cases Explained

Singer Stefanie Bolton has been charged with attempted murder. ( Source : youtube )

Popular singer Stephanie Bolton got arrested on August 29, 2022.  She has been accused of attempted murder.

Bolton is infamous for her amazing lyrical ability. She is known for songs like He'LL Bring You Out, Cling to Me, Do Me Right, and more. 

Furthermore, Bolton has worked on albums like I Give My All, What Is This, The Closer I Get, It Won't Hurt You, and I Love You, Lord. 

Singer Stephanie Bolton Arrested In Memphis

Stephanie Bolton was detained by the police on Monday mornings. She was arrested after an anonymous woman made a complaint of harassment against the singer.

Memphis singer Stefanie Bolton is accused of alleged attempted murder.
Memphis singer Stefanie Bolton is accused of alleged attempted murder.( Source : twitter )

According to the woman, the Memphis singer had harassed her a few months ago. She claimed that everything came to a head on Saturday as she was leaving Hotworx and Bolton tried to shoot her.

The victim also claims that the recording of what would have resulted in the arrest of Memphis singer Stefanie Bolton for alleged attempted murder was the result of her friend's quick thinking. The video that captured her encounter with Bolton shows the singer using a gun to fire at the woman's vehicle. 

Three Criminal Cases On Singer Stephanie Bolton's Name

Stephanie Bolton has been accused of alleged attempted murder. She was arrested after a lady made complaints against her. 

Similarly, another woman, who remained anonymous, also accuses the singer of harassment. She said it was the longest drive of her life as she hugely feared for her life. The second victim said to the police on call: “It went from harassing to stalking from stalking to pretty much-attempted murder,”

At one point, the victim also says Bolton mocked her, pointed the gun at her head, and shot into the car.

The victim added: “When I walked out the door, she pulled up in front of the gym and pretty much tried to run me over, attack me, trail me, she trailed me to the police station, right up the street from The Appling Station, she literally pointed the gun at my head, shot into my car. At that point, it’s gone too far.”

Police say Stephanie Bolton's anger had stem from her failed marriage.
Police say Stephanie Bolton's anger had stem from her failed marriage.( Source : tri-statedefender )

According to the police, the motive behind Bolton's mercurial behavior is her ex-husband. They say the incident stem from the singer's failed marriage.

Vandalism attempted first-degree murder, and gun possession is the charges brought against Bolton. The singer will make her first appearance on Monday at 9 am. 

Who Is Stephanie Bolton?

Stephanie Bolton is a professional singer and lyricist. She is based in Memphis, Tennessee.

According to LinkedIn, Bolton went to the U T Knoxville, where she studied music and communications. She started her career as a musician in the year 2003.

The next concert Bolton was slated for September 3. The third party has not postponed the scheduled performance, said a representative for The Orpheum. 

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