49ers Trey Lance Girlfriend Brynn Chandler And Inside Their Dating Life

Trey Lance Is In A Relationship With His Athletic Girlfriend Brynn Chandler ( Source : Clutchpoints )

Trey Lance and his girlfriend Brynn Chandler have been dating for some time.

The couple came forward to reveal their relationship in July last year. Since then, they have never mentioned the presence of each other in their interviews or social media handles. The rumors about their breakup have already started to heat the internet, but the chances of such a thing happening are minimal.

They are an athletic couple, skilled players in their respective games. As mentioned earlier, Lance is a professional American football player for the NFL team San Francisco 49ers, whereas Chandler plays professional volleyball for Atalanta based college volleyball team, Georgia Volleyball.

Lance proved his worth in the college games before he was selected to play in the NFL as a quarterback. On his way to winning the 2020 NCAA Division I Football Championship Game, he won the Walter Payton and Jerry Rice Awards as a freshman while playing collegiate football for North Dakota State.

The 49ers selected Lance in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft. He played mainly as a backup in his rookie year until being named the starter in his second year as a professional player.

Who Is Trey Lance's Girlfriend, Brynn Chandler?

Chandler is the girlfriend of NFL star Trey Lance who revealed their relationship in May last year. She comes from an athletic family whose almost all members had ties with professional sports during their prime time. She is the daughter of Chris Chandler, a quarterback who played in the NFL for 17 years. In the 1998 season, he guided the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl.

Chandler's father is not the only one who has an athletic gene, though. Diane Brodie, her mother, was a tennis player at the University of Southern California. Chandler's grandpa, John Brodie, was a quarterback for the 49ers from 1957 to 1973. She is finishing her final year of college in San Diego, California.

Trey Lance Revealed His Relationship With His Girlfriend In May 2021
Trey Lance Revealed His Relationship With His Girlfriend In May 2021 ( Source : playersbio )

She is not only earning her degree in communications studies at San Diego University, but she is also a standout player for the university's volleyball team. She started playing volleyball at a young age but didn't devote much time to it until high school. Before college, Chandler led two teams to the USA Junior Nationals during her prep career and received Third-Team All-American recognition. In each of Chandler's three seasons in Athens, she has been a member of the SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll.

Trey Lance And Brynn Chandler Age Difference

The athletic couple doesn't come together regularly, and there isn't a picture of the two on their social media accounts. However, they are reportedly still dating and are madly in love with each other. It is widely known that Lance was born on May 9 2000, which makes him 22 years old in 2022.

Chandler is also assumed to be a similar age as she doesn't seem very young or older than her boyfriend. She might be a couple of years older as she is still in college pursuing her communication degree. In addition to her education, Chandler has developed a considerable social media following, all thanks to her boyfriend. She doesn't post many photos with Lance, but she's not afraid to express her affection for the 49ers.

Those images are typically saved for her Instagram stories, where she is open about her love life. It is unknown when they started dating, but their relationship was a matter of discussion when the couple shared a photo of themselves on their Instagram profile last year. The pair rarely upload pictures on social media, even though they are pretty active there.

Trey Lance's Parents And Family Life

Lance was born in Marshall, Minnesota, on May 9, 2000, as a child of Angie and Carlton Lance. He was mostly trained by his father, a former cornerback for the London Monarchs of the World League of American Football and the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League.

Lance was a running back in his young days, and in middle school, he started playing quarterback. He later enrolled at Marshall High School, where he was thought to be Minnesota's top quarterback prospect. Only teams from Group of Five conferences or the Football Championship Subdivision offered Lance the chance to continue playing quarterback. In December 2017, he finally declared his commitment to North Dakota State.

A Lovely Picture Of Lance Family Which Includes Trey Lance's parents And His Younger Brother
A Lovely Picture Of Lance Family Which Includes Trey Lance's parents And His Younger Brother ( Source : sportskeeda )

Lance is at the peak of his career and is yet to shine more and progress much higher in his career. His parents immensely supported him in pursuing his passion and establishing a successful American football career. Carlton's background also aided him in following his interest. He considers his father the backbone of his career and often mentions that he wouldn't have reached this far if it wasn't for his family's support.

Trey's parents have been together since they first met in college. Carlton is a Hampton Ridge Financial Company co-owner and has since retired from football. His mother is employed by Schwan and is a graduate of Southwest Minnesota State.

Trey Lance's Ethnicity

Lance is of mixed ethnicity as his father is of African background and his mother seems to be born and raised in the USA. He has a muscular physique like his father which aids him a lot while playing a highly tense and competitive game of American football. He is one of the fastest and most feared players in his team.

All the members of the Lance family have American nationality. Despite being of different culture and races his parent were united together in the USA and started a family. Trey has a younger brother as his one and only sibling in the family. His younger brother, Bryce, is likewise making the same efforts as his father and brother to establish himself as an NFL player. He plays in the position of the wide receiver at Dakota University.

Trey Lance's Career As A Quarter Back For San Francisco 49ers

Lance's glory days began in 2018 when he got the chance to play his first competitive American football game as a college student. Despite wearing a redshirt in 2018, Lance played in two games and scored two rushing touchdowns. In 2019, he was named the Bison's starting quarterback. In 2020, he guided the team to the NCAA Division I Football Championship Game, which he won 28–20 and earned MVP honours.

Trey Lance Was Selected Third Overall By The 49ers In The 2021 NFL Draft
Trey Lance Was Selected Third Overall By The 49ers In The 2021 NFL Draft ( Source : instagram )

Lance made his NFL debut in Week 1 against the Detroit Lions despite starting the 2021 season as Jimmy Garoppolo's backup quarterback. He was used only in the first quarter and helped his team win 41-33 by connecting with wide receiver Trent Sherfield on a five-yard touchdown pass. Lance entered the field for two plays in Week 3's matchup with the Green Bay Packers and scored a rushing touchdown on the first one.

Lance disclosed after last year's campaign that he battled a right index finger injury sustained in a preseason game against the Las Vegas Raiders. Since then, he has been continuously working hard to become a recognized player in the team. However, he suffered from an injury last year that led him to miss most of that season's games.