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Tyler Adams Was Raised By Scottish American Dad Darryl Sullivan After African American Biological Father Left

Tyler Adams Dad Darryl Sullivan Came Into His Life As A Step Father When He Was 13
Tyler Adams Dad Darryl Sullivan Came Into His Life As A Step Father When He Was 13( Source : instagram )

Tyler Adams was raised by dad Darryl Sullivan as his blood though they are not biologically related. Tyler was thirteen when his Scottish American dad came into his life.

Tyler's biological father was African American and had never been around. He was raised by a single mother until he was a teenager. His dad Darryl became his father from day one after marrying his mother. Darryl always had his back growing up.

As a child, Tyler experienced the void left by the absence of a father figure. He still opted to maintain his anonymity even though his son has become one of the best soccer players in the USA.

He had come so far that Tyler now serves as the captain of the United States Men's National Soccer team and has led them to the World Cup's round of 16 three times. He was only granted the team captain's position before the beginning of the competition, making him the nation's youngest World Cup skipper since 1950.

He had established his value on the field and consistently displayed his magic, making him one of the leading candidates for the position of captain before the tournament even started.

His upbringing was challenging because his mother raised him alone. He had worked hard to get to this point in his life and had witnessed the hardships. He had attained this distinction by following the example his mother and stepfather had set for him.

Tyler Adams Dad Darryl Sullivan

Tyler Adams was raised by his dad Darryl Sullivan Sr. Darryl is Scottish American as his father came to the United States when he was a teenager.

Tyler and Darryl bonded over their love for soccer. Though Darryl came into his life late, he has been Tyler's source of inspiration and motivation.

Tyler's parents, Darryl and Melissa, always support him, and with their joint effort and sacrifices, he has been this successful. Despite not having a blood relation, Darryl Sr loved the soccer superstar as his own and never differentiated him from his other kids.

Tyler's mother, Melissa Russo, struggled a lot while raising her kid as the one from whom she was supposed to get emotional support, love, and care had vanished from their life, forcing them to survive on their own. This taught the young lad a lot, but the good days were about to come when he witnessed a ray of support in his life in the form of his stepdad, whom his mother married when the young Tyler was 13.

Tyler Adams Dad Darryl Sullivan Sr. Married His Mother Melissa Russo In 2012
Tyler Adams Dad Darryl Sullivan Sr. Married His Mother Melissa Russo In 2012 ( Source : instagram )

Tyler used to hang out with his friend, Darryl Jr, who was also an avid soccer lover. They used to practice together and spend the majority of their time together. During that period, Tyler's mother was seeing Darryl Jr's dad and the connection became official after the couple decided to tie the knot and unite the two families.

Tyler thus gained three younger brothers named Dylan, Donovan, and Darryl Sullivan Jr. Since their father was a huge soccer lover, they grew up in an athletic environment. As a result, they all participated in professional sports.

After Tyler's mom met his stepdad, he switched from being the lone child to the eldest among four brothers. He transitioned from being his mother's shadow to engaging in numerous activities with his siblings, creating innumerable priceless memories, and maintaining a strong link with them.

Tyler Adams Biological Father

Tyler Adams was born to African American biological father. Tyler has never met his biological father as he was never around.

Although Adams has become one of the world's best soccer players, his biological father hasn't stepped forward to embrace his identity. One of the significant accomplishments in the professional athlete's life is that he now captains his country's team.

Now, as he and his mother have established themself and are happy in their personal life, Tyler and his mother have no interest in seeing him again after being apart for almost 23 years because he never cared about his family.

Despite his tragic past, the USMNT captain has blossomed like a sunflower. Neither his professional nor personal life has been negatively affected by the captain's sad past. After meeting his new family, he was filled with new hope and enthusiasm to start everything over, and this new relationship ended up being the best one for him.

Tyler Adams Had Never Met His Biological Father As He Abandoned The Family When Tyler Came Into This World
Tyler Adams Had Never Met His Biological Father As He Abandoned The Family When Tyler Came Into This World ( Source : instagram )

Their skin tone is different. Dylan, his sibling, is 'white' and participates in the New York Red Bull academy. He argues that because of his other biological and blood relationships if someone saw him with his family, they would assume he was adopted.

As a result, when he goes to support him at his games and others see him, they are startled to learn that he is related to the player on the field. He also said that similar responses had become normal because he had encountered such circumstances numerous times. He even mentioned that he loved his family and that they loved him back, and in the end, that is what mattered the most. 

Was Tyler Adams Adopted?

Tyler Adams is not adopted and was raised by a single mother till he was thirteen. Tyler was adopted by his stepdad informally after Darryl married his mother Melissa.

Although Tyler Adams and Darryl Sullivan Sr. are not biologically related, Tyler names Darryl Sullivan Sr., his father. Melissa Russo gave birth to Adams in Dutchess County, New York. His stepfather, Daryl Sullivan, coached him to become a potent soccer player at the high school and collegiate levels.

Tyler Adams Is The Eldest Among Four Siblings
Tyler Adams Is The Eldest Among Four Siblings ( Source : instagram )

He is an avid lover of the sport who is originally from Scotland. Soccer flows in the family's bloodline as Tyler's other siblings are also professionally active soccer players.

Even if life was challenging, dedication and perseverance in sports came out on top. He and his mother were impoverished, but they didn't have much after his father left; they resided in Poughkeepsie, New York, roughly 75 miles north of New York City. They occupied a compact two-bedroom flat beneath his uncle's apartment.

Although playing professional soccer was his desire, he knew his mother also had aspirations. She pursued those goals and returned to school when he was in the second grade because of this. After he was born, she missed several lessons to concentrate on parenting him.

Tyler Adams Is In A Relationship With The Gorgeous Lady Named Sarah Schmidt
Tyler Adams Is In A Relationship With The Gorgeous Lady Named Sarah Schmidt ( Source : instagram )

Initially, he only had his mother, and now, he has a lovely family and a caring girlfriend Sarah Schmidt, a Red Sox fan. As he became successful in his life and turned his passion into a well-reputed and highly-paying profession, he didn't forget to thank his parents for their efforts and for being the source of motivation he needed whenever he felt like giving up. His family always backed him, and he considers them one of the primary reasons behind his successful career.