Kaila Novak Sister Tai Novak Is Associated With Elite Model Management Toronto

Kaila Novak sister Tai Novak is a model represented by Elite Model Management Toronto. Tai is eighteen years old in 2022.

Novak is a Canadian football player. She played as a forward for the University of California Los Angeles and represented her nation in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. The forward has also played for FC London in the League1 Ontario women’s divisions.

The 20-year-old is also known for her social media presence, as she actively shares her life on Tiktok. She has been dating a former Hype House contestant, Olivia Ponton. 

Unlike Kaila, her sibling, Tai Novak, has chosen to pursue a career outside of sports. Tai is steadily making progress in the fashion world.

Kaila Novak Sister Tai Novak

Kaila Novak sister Tai Novak is a fashion model for the Elite Model Management Toronto agency.

Kaila Novak sister Tai Novak wearing a dress styled by Krina Gontier.
Source : instagram

Tai has done a lot of photoshoots in recent years. Her modeling profile shows she stands 6 feet 1 inch tall.

She has appeared in the sports summer staples for Kotn, a famous Canadian clothing retailer. Similarly, she has worked with rising Canadian stylists like Karina Gontier, Daniela Bosco, and Brittany Daigle.

Tai Novak wearing a dress designed by Zoran Dobric.
Source : instagram

Tai is very socially friendly and likes to share much about her professional works on Instagram. Currently, Tai has two active profiles, one where she mainly shares about family matters and another where she posts her modeling pictures.

Her profiles are with the handles @tai_living_life7 and @tai__novak. Both of her accounts have more than 400 followers.

Tai Novak Talks About Her Story On Youtube

Tai Novak talks about her story of difficulties relating to feminine things from her childhood period.

Kaila Novak posted a selfie of herself and Tai in Disney California Adventure Park to wish her happy 16th birthday.
Source : instagram

In 2019, Tai posted a video of her on Youtube where she told her story about her sexuality. She talked about how she loved feminine things from earlier childhood. She also told her family was remarkable about her nature, and the situation was more manageable later due to her supportive family.

Novak said the transition was easy for her, and she fell into the group she accepted a bit later in life. It took her nine years old to get herself fully, and she waited until eleven or twelve years to talk to her parents. 

Tai Novak taking a selfie behind a flag on August 14, 2018.
Source : instagram

Tai has said that an episode of the TV show I’m Jazz worked like a revelation for her. Since then, she accepted that she was not alone, and it helped her to embrace herself. Now, Tai has decided to become an inspiration to other people.

Tai Novak turned 18 in 2022, and her birthday was celebrated on February 10, 2004.

On the other hand, Kaila Novak is 20 years old. She was born on March 24, 2002, in Ontario, Canada. Both the siblings are daughters of Jeanette and Jan Novak, residents of London, Ontario, Canada.

Tai Novak Graduated In 2022

Tai Novak celebrated her graduation ceremony with Kaila Novak and her family on July 5, 2022.

Kai shared a photo of Tai’s graduation on her Instagram. She had captioned:” My (not so) Lil sis graduated.” In other pictures, the two siblings have traveled with each other to many places. They have visited many areas, including Disney California Adventure Park.

Tai Novak during her graduation ceremony with Kaila Novak on July 5, 2022.
Source : instagram

Tai and Kai are dog lovers, as seen from their Instagram photos. The former is raising a German Shephard, while there are pictures of Kai with a Chihuahua.

In her spare time, Tai also goes golfing and swimming. She also draws pretty well. In some of her Insta posts, she has drawn Tweety bird and Tinkerbell.

The aspiring model focuses mainly on her career and has not revealed much about her relationship. While Kai confirmed her relationship with the Former Hype House member Olivia Ponto.

Tai Novak and Kaila Novak touching their heads to express love for each others.
Source : instagram

In January 2021, Kaila Novak and Olivia Ponton started dating. In a June interview with Teen Vogue, she disclosed that they had first communicated via TikTok DMs. They celebrated their first anniversary on social media, surprising fans who believed the two had broken up. We can know more bout, Kaila, via her Instagram handle @kailanovak, with 203 thousand followers.

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