Where Is Donald Bess Now? Angela Samota Murder Case and Life Of A Killer

Angela Samota is a college student whose brutally murdered body was discovered in her off-campus apartment in 1984. At 2:17 a.m., police officers arrived and pushed through the door. Samota’s body was found on the bed, naked, dead, and covered in blood.

Angela Samota was raped, according to the autopsy, and then repeatedly stabbed before she died from heart injuries.

On October 13, 1984, Samota and her family experienced tragedy when she and two colleagues, Russell Buchanan and Anita Kadala, visited the State Fair.

The three main suspects in the murder and rape of Angela were her boyfriend Ben McCall, her friend Russell Buchanan, and one of her ex-boyfriends.

However, none of them could be linked to the murder directly because no hard evidence relating to them was found.

Where Is Donald Bess Now? 

Donald Bess is still imprisoned in Polunsky prison, and he has no scheduled execution date.


Donald Bess has allegedly abused numerous women during his lifetime, leading authorities to suspect that he is a serial rapist.

Donald was on parole while serving a 25-year term at the time of Angela’s murder. He was already in jail in 2008 when he was discovered connected to Angela’s death because of a separate rape and assault case.

In 2010, when Donald again took the witness stand in the prosecution for the rape and murder of Angela, other women, including his ex-wife, spoke against him.

Donald Bess was ultimately found guilty of the accusations against him by a jury using all the statements and DNA evidence and was given the death penalty.

The court denied his subsequent appeals, the most recent of which was in 2016. Consequently, Donald, 72, is presently jailed at the Texas Hospital Galveston Unit. He is still waiting to be executed and is still on death row.

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Angela Samota Murder Case – What Happened To Her?

Angela Samota 20-year-old computer science and electrical engineering student, was discovered dead in her off-campus apartment in 1984.

Samota was a happy and sincere young lady whose best friends always remember her for having the biggest smile. With two of her colleagues, Russell Buchanan and Anita Kadala, Angela spent the evening of October 12, 1984, visiting the State Fair and a club.

She had also invited Ben McCall, who was her boyfriend. However, he could not accompany them because Ben had an early morning shift as a construction supervisor.

Then, at around one in the morning, Angela dropped her friends off at their houses before going by her boyfriend’s house to say goodnight.

Ben claims that he knocked on Angie’s front door but received no answer. He, therefore, attempted to open it himself but was unsuccessful because it was locked.

Ben, who was concerned, used a mobile phone, made work arrangements, and called the police. The police arrived on the scene just after 2:17 a.m. and broke the door.

As a result, they discovered Angela Samota dead, naked, and covered in blood on her bed. She had been stabbed and raped 18 times in total, and an autopsy revealed that she had also suffered injuries to her heart from the chest wounds that caused her to death.

Donald Bess Is The Killer Of Angela Samota

For an extremely long time, Ben McCall, Russell Buchanan, and one of Angela’s ex-boyfriends were all considered potential suspects in her murder.

However, neither of them was ever charged concerning the incident because there was no solid proof connecting them to the scene.

Medical professionals cleared Ben and Angela’s ex-boyfriend after determining that her assailant was a “non-secretor” after conducting their examinations.

After that, Russell, a 23-year-old architect who lived roughly a 5-minute walk from Angela’s apartment, underwent a polygraph examination and passed.

As a result, the case was closed until it was reopened in 2006. That year, Linda Crum, a Dallas police detective, analyzed DNA evidence from blood, semen, and fingernail evidence left at Angie’s murder scene to look for a match in previously held criminal records.

The name Donald Bess first surfaced in 2008. He served a 25-year term for aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping at the time of Angela’s brutal murder, but he was out on parole.

In 2008, Donald Bess had previously been sentenced to life in prison for a separate rape, violence, and kidnapping incident. The DNA evidence matched Donald Bess.

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