Who Are Zachary Lagha Parents? Details To Know About The Ice Dancer

Zachary Lagha, an incredible and invincible ice dancer, placed thirteenth in the rhythm dance at the 2022 Winter Olympics dancing event and has umpteen followers on his Instagram account. Learn enthralling facts about him and get to know his parents and girlfriend. 

Zachary Lagha is a consummate and pertinacious Canadian ice dancer. The indefatigable athlete and his skating partner Majorie Lajoie is the 2020 Canadian national silver medalist. His indomitable spirit propels him to compete against top-notch competitors.  

Many professionals and veteran artists panegyrized the synergy and perfect alliance between him and his skating partner. The legendary performer does his utmost to represent his nation on the international platform. He believes that it is ok to fail but, continuous failing is unacceptable. 

The young athlete is the 2019 World Junior champion and the 2016 Youth Olympic bronze medalist in the team event. The strenuous effort he made to achieve his desired goals paid off with a blissful conclusion. 

Who Are Zachary Lagha Parents? Details To Know About The Ice Dancer

Zachary Lagha belongs to a family of Algerian Canadian heritage. His mother, Fella Hammouten, is a pianist but, his father’s information is inaccessible. 

His mother encouraged him to study piano but, his interest propelled him to step ahead as an ice dancer. The young and stalwart athlete is thankful towards his parents, who supported him to build up the courage to reach the milestone with influential and invigorating words. 

His parents embellished his life by being a staunch partner and a reliable shoulder to rely on when he went through melancholic mood and abysmal turnout. The pioneering ice dancer has a tremendous heart to bestow love for his parents, who raised him well and shower him with devotion.  

Zachary Lagha Age Explored

Zachary Lagha is twenty-two years young going on twenty-three as of 2022 and was born on 15 April 1999 in Greenfield Park, Quebec. The well-known ice dancer was passionate about ice skating from an early age. 

He is currently a student at CEGEP. The determined athlete started skating in 2004. Zachary teamed up with Marjorie Lajoie in 2011 and, they nailed perfect teamwork in the recent competition. Zachary and Marjorie won the novice title at the 2015 Canadian Championships. 

The vigorous athlete has a captivating public persona and, he always expresses love and thankfulness towards his adherents. 

Zachary Lagha Girlfriend Is He Dating Marjorie Lajoie?

Zachary Lagha is not dating Marorie Lajoie. He is not in a love relationship with anyone. They are a partner with great synergy and trust. They became a team in 2011 and are still doing a meticulous job with perfect teamwork.

 Both of them started their professional journey from an early age and, they see each other as a staunch partner and rely on as a team.

Meet Zachary Lagha On Instagram

Zachary Lagha is a verified Instagram user under the username @lagha_zak with 2.7k followers. He is active on this platform and interacts with his followers regularly. 

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