Was Ana Jalandoni Married? Details About Her Ex Husband And Married Life

Ana Jalandoni and her ex-husband are currently being investigated for a number of allegations. Let’s have a look at the article for further information on her marriage and Wikipedia information.

Ana Jalandoni is a famous Filipino actress and Tik-Tok star.

She is best known for her roles in the films Sleazebag Cheaters (2020) and When I Grow Up (2019).

People started searching the internet for who is Ana Jalandoni, who is Ana Jalandoni’s age, and what is Ana Jalandoni’s family after she was detained and injured by her boyfriend.

Who Is Ana Jalandoni Ex-Husband?

Ana Jalandoni has an Ex-husband named Kit Thompson.

She is said to have been injured and detained by her boyfriend, Kit Thompson, a well-known Filipino actor.

Ana’s longtime boyfriend, actor Kit Thompson, severely injured and tortured her.

According to the Tagaytay police, she was rescued from a hotel in Tagaytay by police officers.

While Jalandonis’ friends sought the assistance of authorities, the hotel staff reported the commotion in the pair’s hotel room to Tagaytay police.

Explore Ana Jalandoni Wikipedia: Bio

Ana is currently not available on the official site of Wikipedia.

Ana Jalasoni is a Filipino actress who was born in Manila, Philippines.

Official pages and news portals have had no access to her family information until now.

The web pages lack information about Ana Jalasoni’s early life, from her childhood to her educational qualifications.

Though she has an IMDb profile, it does not include her entire biography.

The interesting facts about her career accomplishments, struggles, and recognitions have not been listed.

As a result, there are only a few tidbits of information available about the actress.

What Is Ana Jalandoni Age?

Ana Jalandoni was born in 1996-1999 in Manila.

Ana Jalandoni’s age has not been revealed to the public until now.

She appears to be very young, possibly between the ages of 22 and 25 in 2022.

Jaladoni, the actress, has yet to reveal her true age to her fans, as well as her full birth date.

Every year, her fans want to know when she celebrates her birth anniversary.

Ana Jalandoni Surgery Details

According to sources, Jalandoni has been hospitalized for medical treatment as a result of her injuries.

While alleged actor Kit Thompson has been taken into custody for several investigations.

On March 18, 2022, Ogie Diaz, Mama Loi, Ate Mrena, and Tita Jegs discussed the beating of Kit Thompson and Ana Jalandoni.

According to Ogie’s Chika, when hotel personnel heard the commotion in Kit and Ana’s rented hotel room, they also called for help.

Netizens allegedly raised the issue of Kit’s ‘anger management’ while he was still a housemate on ‘Pinoy Big Brother.’ This is said to be the reason he was released from Kuya’s house right away.

According to the talent manager and vlogger’s story, he has already met Ana, who is also an actress and producer, because he was exempted from ownership of this Korean restaurant.

Tita Jegs inquired as to why Kit and Ana’s meeting in Tagaytay resulted in the physical.

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