Who Is Claire Cornett- Desmond Ridder Wife Or Girlfriend? Details To Know

Claire Cornett is the fiance of Cincinnati Bearcats quarterback, Desmond Ridder. The couple has been together since high school, so it can be said that their teenage love flourish into something that people know today. 

Ridder’s soon-to-be wife came into the limelight due to the success of her boyfriend. People started to pay attention to Ridder’s life, and they found he was in a beautiful relationship with his high school sweetheart.

Many believe that Cornett is destined to greatness and will play for NFL after his college. All of these speculations come from the fact that he has been able to show impeccable performance in his college football.

Who Is Claire Cornett- Desmond Ridder Wife Or Girlfriend?

Anyone who has been following the University of Cincinnati football must have heard about Desmond’s relationship with his high school love, Claire Cornett; she is his fiance. They have been together since 2016, in their high school days.

The couple got engaged in 2018. There is no news of them getting married anytime soon, but they are enjoying each other companionship. They are also blessed with their firstborn, a daughter.

Their daughter was born in April 2021. The couple named their daughter Leighton Elizabeth Ridder. Claire and Leighton can be seen in numerous matches of Desmond cheering him for the win.

Desmond Ridder Mom Details

Ridder’s mother is Sarah Ridder. Sarah was a teenage mother giving birth to Desmond when she was just 15, so she and her mother raised Desmond initially; later Sarah got married, and stepfather was also involved in his upbringing.

There is no mention of his biological father, so it can be assumed that the biological father was also a teenager when Ridder was born. Desmond was encouraged to pursue his career in sports by his parents.

All of the effort Ridder and his mother have done is the main reason that Desmond has a successful career. Sarah must be proud of the thing she son has been able to accomplish so far.

Desmond Ridder Family Details

Desmond’s family is made up of his fiance and daughter. They live a very happy and comfortable life. On Instagram, there are many photos of them together hanging out and enjoying themselves together. Thus, it can be said that Ridder has a happy family.

During his upbringing, he was raised by his mother and stepfather. This family gave him everything that made him the man he is today, who is known among college football as one of the bests.

Before joining Cincinnati, Rider went to St. Xavier High School, which was his childhood dream. In Xavier, he excelled in football and showed a very impressive performance.

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