Who Is Gideon Oji? Hot Dog Contestant Wife and Net Worth 2022

Gideon Oji is the tallest athlete to compete in Major League Eating. The 6 feet 9 inches guy makes the most of his substantial body, and as of the time of publication, his long torso makes the ideal home for Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, buns, and corn.

Always setting some kind of record, Oji is one of the contenders for the 2022 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. In a similar contest, Oji in 2016’s Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Competition, ate 38 hot dogs and buns making himself the fourth winner.

Now that he has won this year, let’s learn a bit about this fast eater.

Photos: Who Is Gideon Oji? Hot Dog Contestant Wife And Net Worth 2022

As mentioned earlier, Gideon is a professional eater who is also a former basketball player. He is known for his mad eating skills and victories he amasses at different eating competitions.

As everyone knows Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is an unmatched July 4 tradition where the world’s top competitive eaters reunite at Coney island to fill their cheeks with hot dogs and put their stomachs to the ultimate test.

Well, no doctor advises to take part in it, however, people love watching/attending it. While this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest winning title is grabbed by Miki Sudo, Oji is also one of the popular names in the field of competitive eating.

He previously won a kale eating competition- the Healthy Options World’s Healthiest Eating Championship. The victory was Oji’s first non-qualifier gold in the MLE competition, and the competition was the first official Kale Eating World Championship.

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Gideon Oji Wikipedia Age Family And Biograph

Gideon Oji was born on December 11, 1991. He is the son of Jacob and Mary Oji and has four siblings, Shadrach, Deborah, Michael, and Abednigo. Oji is currently majoring in Health and Fitness Management as he pursues a career in competitive eating.

Oji’s tremendous height and the limits of his abilities propel him to take positions in different acclaimed eating contests. Moreover, Oji is also a former basketball player who participated in collegiate basketball for the Clayton State Lakers. 


On the recent Nathan’s Hot Dog Competition, while not counting Joey Chestnut, Gideon appeared to be winning from the men’s area. It was his sixth participation as he is competing since 2015.

His best performance came in 2016 when he placed fourth after eating 38 hot dogs. Likewise, by eating 25.5 16-ounce containers of kale in only eight minutes in 2016, Oji broke the world record.

Another record would be him eating two pounds of sliced bologna at 0:52, 1.3125 gallons of green chile stew at 6:00, and 10 pounds of baked beans at 1:45. The sky is the limit for him. He currently stands ranking No. 7 globally in the Major League Eating Ranking.

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