Who Is Luke Wallace? Here's What We Know About The Australian Model

Luke Wallace is a model from Australia who has been on trend in recent days. Here's all the information about Luke Wallace.

Currently, people are searching for the model from Australia, but due to limited information, we have gathered all the information we can.

Luke Wallace Australian Model Age

The age of Luke Wallace seems to be around 30. But it may not be factual.

There is very limited information about Luke on the Internet.Β 

Apart from his Instagram, there are no sources where we can find information about him.

Picture From His Instagram
Picture From His Instagram

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Luke Wallace Wikipedia Bio

There is no Wikipedia bio for Luke Wallace; no one has published information about him yet.

Also, he doesn't have any personal website where he has listed his information.

At this moment, we only know that he is a model from Australia who may be on the rise in the coming days.

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Meet Luke Wallace On Instagram

Luke Wallace is available on Instagram under the username of @lawallac. Luke is very underrated on the platform.

In his bio, he has written, "Instagram ya flock of lizards." Luke has under 1k followers as of now and has followed around 700 people.

He is active on the forum, with over 160 posts uploaded as of now. He posts different types of pictures of himself.

Luke Wallace Girlfriend And Dating Life

Taking his Instagram as a source, Luke Wallace's girlfriend's name is Jess Tomlinson.

His girlfriend is active on Instagram under the username @jessat12.

Judging by his profile, the couple seems to have been together for a long time, and they still seem to be happy together.