Who Is Olga Tokariuk? Meet The Ukrainian Journalist On Twitter

Olga Tokariuk has been sharing the latest information about the current situation of Ukraine on Twitter. Find out what we know bout her.

Olga Tokariuk-Shelest is a Television journalist and presenter for the Ukrainian independent TV channel Hromadske, focusing on international news.

She has been reporting on events in Ukraine for different international media outlets as a freelancer since 2013, and she also works as a producer for foreign TV crews in Kyiv.

Who Is Olga Tokariuk? Wiki & Age Explored

Olga Tokariuk, age late 20s, is a non-resident fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) and a freelance writer and researcher located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Her professional interests include Ukrainian politics, international affairs, and the investigation of misinformation and its influence on democracies across the world.

Olga Tokariuk has a master’s degree in political science and international relations from the University of Bologna (Italy) and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv.

She was previously the chief of the international news desk at Ukraine’s independent Hromadske TV.

Olga co-wrote an investigative documentary on the controversial trial of Ukrainian soldier Vitaliy Markiv in Italy, as well as a research article regarding the role of Russian disinformation in this case.

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Olga Tokariuk Net Worth Explored

Olga Tokariuk hasn’t shared any details about her net worth yet, so we don’t know the exact number of her number.

However, we guess it to be close to 500k. She has been in the journalism industry for a while now and also once was the chief of the international news desk at Ukraine’s independent Hromadske TV.

She has written multiple research article which has gotten a lot of views after Russia announced the war on Ukraine.

In Ukraine, a worker working in the journalism profession normally takes roughly 21,100 UAH per month. Salaries vary from 10,600 UAH (the lowest average) to 41,000 UAH (the highest average).

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Meet Olga Tokariuk Twitter

Olga Tokariuk has become famous on Twitter, with her posts getting over 10 thousand likes and retweets within minutes she posts.

Olga Tokariuk can be found on Twitter under the username @olgatokariuk.

She has been one of the primary informers about the situation undergoing in Ukraine amidst the Russian attack.

In one of her latest tweets, she has shared that Putin has become like Hitler based on his actions.

As Russian tanks entered the Luhansk region of Ukraine, the situation seemed to keep on going dire.

Her follower count is also increasing very fast; at the moment, her follower count stands at 72.9k.



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