Zach Thomas Dad Steve Thomas Is A Billionaire Now But He Grew Up Poor

Zach Thomas dad Steve Thomas became a billionaire after selling his oil company in 2022. Steve raised three kids in Texas.

Zach Thomas never used his father Steve Thomas’s vast net worth as a sign of pride. The football legend always remained level-headed despite knowing he didn’t have to work as hard as he did.

But it was all thanks to his dad Steve and his mentality of having to work hard to reach places. Steve came from a dirt poor background and knew the value of hard work, which he later installed in all three kids.

In recent years, many former football players and fans have argued that Zach deserved his place in the football Hall of Fame, and on January 5, he was once again named a finalist for the fourth straight year. 

Zach Thomas Parents

Zach Thomas was born to affluent parents Bobby Thomas and Steve Thomas in Texas.

Born in Pampa, Texas in 1973, the 49-year-old former NFL great was raised alongside his two siblings. His sister, Katina Thomas even went on to marry her brother’s teammate, Jason Taylor, with whom she divorced in 2006.

If there is one thing Zach Thomas’ dad Steve Thomas taught his son, then that was hard work. Though he was born into a family which seemed to have it all, Zach never acted like one of those spoilt kids. 

Steve Thomas pictured in his office in Texas in 2022 as he gave his interview to Boston Globe
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As a kid, Zach had auditory problems, which held him back in school for a year. Though the condition didn’t cause hearing loss, the football player would have difficulties distinguishing words. 

The linebacker said he would have to do all sorts of extra training with his mother, Bobby, so he wouldn’t feel embarrassed at school. But that is where the hard work began for the footballer. 

Zach Thomas and his family pose for the picture as they are interviewed by Miami Herald in 2020
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Zach Thomas’ father, Steve Thomas, is a multimillionaire and a former football player. But unlike his son, he never went professional. He quit his football career after he saw there wasn’t any money in it.

So he chose to become an engineer, and the career took him places. With his gas and oil business, Steve Thomas became a business tycoon in no time. If Zach Thomas wanted, he could’ve just sat at home doing nothing but he chose to hustle. That is why he is engrained in the memories of many football fans.

Zach Thomas Dad Steve Thomas Is A Billionaire

Zach Thomas dad Steve Thomas is a billionaire thanks to his oil and gas business in Texas. Steve is an Oil Gas Engineer.

Steve Thomas lived a different life as a young teenager in Texas. He didn’t even have proper pants to wear during his school days. Steve attended Texas Tech just like his son and was also a football player. But instead of becoming a football player, Steve chose to do engineering.

Steve Thomas was raised by alcoholic parents on a farm in Pampa, Texas. His parents committed suicide ten years apart, and the little boy had to grow up early. After receiving his engineering from Texas Tech, Steve designed the world’s largest drilling rig and then formed his company. 

Steve Thomas erected the giant cross in 1995 which is located in Route 66, Texas
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In October 2022, Steve sold his oil and gas company after 35 years at the helm. The father of three kids, Steve has equal devotion to his religion as much as he has one to business. He is 73 years old.

The 73-year-old in 1995 erected the 190 ft tall cross that is visible to passersby just off Route 66. The idea was first brought to him by his wife, but it wasn’t as tall as it is in its current state. 

A man who always had his eyes on big projects wanted to do something for his devotion to his religion. Today the cross has become a tourist attraction for many Steve says around 300,000 people sign the guest book yearly. A guest book that also has the signature of Oprah Winfrey. 

Zach Thomas in 2005 watches the action against Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers
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In an interview in 2001, Zach gave an account of his father to Sun Sentinel. The football player said his father never acted like the rich man he is and was never flashy with his money. 

He never spoiled any of his kids and wanted to install a high work ethic among them. Looking at the NFL legend, Steve certainly succeeded in doing so. 

Steve Thomas Net Worth

Steve Thomas has a net worth of $1.5 billion which he accumulated in his 35 years of running an oil and gas company. 

Zach Thomas’s friend, Channing Crowder, confirmed the billionaire status of Zach Thomas’ dad in an interview on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, as reported by The New York Post.

Crowder used Zach’s example as some players who stay level-headed despite their parent’s money. 

Channing Crowder talked about Zach Thomas being son of a billionaire but staying level headed in an interview with The Herd
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It was his engineering degree that started it all for Steve Thomas. After graduating from Texas Tech, Steve decided to pursue a career in designing rigs, leading him to design one of the world’s largest drilling rigs.

There is no doubt over the fact that oil companies bring in a lot of money every year. If you look at the history of Texas and oil you know that it is one of the biggest businesses in the US.

Only last year, the Texas-based oil company FireBird Energy was purchased by Diamondback Energy for $1.6 billion, which included $775 million in cash and 5.6 million shares of Diamondback as reported by Yahoo!

Zach Thomas poses with the gear of Pro-Bowl uniform in 2007
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Diamondback Energy bought another oil company for $1.5 billion only a month after the purchase of FireBird Energy. This time it bought the oil company, which was being run by Lario Oil and Gas, in a deal that saw $850 million in cash and 4.18 million in shares.

In 2022, oil prices rose after the war between Russia and Ukraine began. According to The Guardian, seven of the biggest oil firms soar to almost £150 billion. 

The rise in prices and increase in the value of the company might have made Steve take the swift action of selling his company after running it for 35 years.

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