Who Is Zach Wilson Mom’s Friend? Cheating Allegations On Jets QB And He Splits With Girlfriend

Zach Wilson, the quarterback for the New York Jets, has had a busy offseason for a rookie in the league. He and his previous girlfriend Abbey Gile appeared to have broken up in January after she accused him of having a sexual relationship with his mother’s best friend.

Dax Milne, a wide receiver for the Washington Commanders, is currently dating Gile, his former closest buddy and BYU roommate. Fans quickly criticized her for her most recent photo on Instagram.

When someone referred to her as a “homie hopper,” Gile retaliated by revealing that Wilson had slept with his mother’s best friend.

Who Is Zach Wilson’s Mom’s Friend? – Cheating Allegation By His Ex-Girlfriend

Gile saw the remark and added her own. Wilson, she claimed, was the actual buddy hopping and had been having relations with his mother’s closest friend who has been kept private by them.

It’s unclear whether this is what ultimately led to Wilson and Gile splitting up or if their breakup preceded the claimed relationship with his mother’s best friend.

What is known is that the recently exposed rumor kept Twitter very amused. Wilson is gearing up to significantly outperform his 13-game rookie campaign.

In those 13 games, he finished 3-10, lost time due to injuries, and threw just 9 touchdown passes to 11 interceptions. Sadly, it appears that Gile has deleted her Instagram account. 

Is Allegation Of Zach Wilson Cheating Fake?

Unlikely as it may seem, New York Jets supporters are more optimistic about their quarterback position than the news that broke earlier today.

Abbey Gile, the quarterback’s ex-girlfriend, said Zach cheated on her with his mother’s best friend in response to being teased for dating Wilson’s buddy, but there are no formal statements supporting the allegations.

This weekend brought some intriguing facts about Wilson’s possible activities that may have caused him to transfer from Gile to Delano. The rumors about Wilson’s ex-partner and Dax Milne, his former best buddy and BYU roommate, were the beginning of it all.

Wide receiver Milne of the Washington Commanders is thought to be dating Gile at the moment, and this reportedly cost him his friendship with Wilson. Regarding the rumor that Gile was a “homie hopper,” someone made a comment.

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Social media Spicing Up The Affair Claim By Zach Wilson’s Ex-Girlfriend

Because of some juicy drama involving one of his former teammates, Zach Wilson has become a social media sensation. Now that Zach Wilson has demonstrated that he possesses all the necessary skills to succeed as an NFL quarterback, it’s time for him to bring them all together.

When Commanders WR Dax Milne, who played with Wilson at BYU, posted a photo on Instagram over the weekend that seemed to insinuate that he was dating Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile, several fans took offense.

Abbey Gile accused Wilson of cheating on her with his mom’s best friend is a fan response. Everyone made the same joke about Zach Wilson having that “dog” in him after the complaint surfaced online, according to several Twitter users.

Wilson has a significant offseason this year, despite the fact that his NFL career has already been clouded by some off-field controversies. The Jets appear to be betting everything on the rookie quarterback, boosting the offense by giving him access to additional playmakers.

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