Who Is Aco Perez? Actor And Master Chef 2022 Celebrity Biografia Details To Know

Aco Perez is a Columbian-born actor mostly notable for his work in movie “La Ley del Corazón” (2016).

He is also renowned for portraying a white feather in the telenovela “Cacique de La Junta.” Aside from his acting career, Perez is also involved in various other fields. He is an activist and politician. 

Pérez, who has been acting for several years and has received widespread acclaim for his roles in numerous national productions, was recently spotted in Lala’s Spa, where he appeared alongside Isabella Santiago. 

Master Chef Celebrity 2022 Aco Perez Wikipedia Biografia

The character of Alexis from the television show La Playita and the enduring “Pluma Blanca,” who debuted in the Diomedes Dáz book, are two of the characters that have made Aco Perez famous. Through television, he persuaded the Colombian people of his remarkable skill.

Aco Perez, the native of Valledupar, partakes in Master Chef Celebrity and never loses his ability to surprise viewers every night. He has evolved into one of the contestants who seems to be a box of mysteries because his dishes have already helped him avoid being eliminated from several challenges.

Perez typically juggles his work as an actor with other passions like politics and travel, leaving happy memories on his Instagram page. Speaking with EL PILON, he said, “When I started in my world of acting, I have always wanted to give another direction.”

His second interest is politics. Anyone familiar with him and following his networks will see that he has always participated in free speech. The actor has joined politics and television after serving as an advisor to freshly elected lawmaker Eliécer Salazar.

Aco Perez Edad, Age in 2022

Aco Perez has not revealed his age to the media. However, it is “clear as day” that the Spanish-Columbian actor is around his mid-30s. He is still young and energetic.

Although born in Columbia, he migrated to Spain and grew up there. Perez had a welcoming childhood which ultimately made him a good person. Though he is professionally an actor, he is more than just a guy performing in films and television.

Perez has extended his journey from an acting career to traveling and politics. He graduated from the Royal Higher School of Dramatic Art of Spain as a professional in dramatic art and visual realization.

Additionally, he studied Political Strategy and Communications a year ago in Bogotá. He claims that after that, he transformed her and re-awakened his enthusiasm for politics.


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Aco Perez Wife and Family Details

The Spanish actor Aco Perez is not married and currently enjoys a single life, living all alone in his apartment, 

Moreover, he wants to devote some portion of his life to politics for the betterment of people by doing something good for them. As a result, Perez has been entirely preoccupied with it and has not been considering dating anyone.

Peeking at his Instagram profile, he uploads many pictures and videos of his traveling and vacation, along with vibrant images of him enjoying himself. Looking at his photographs, one can tell he is full of life.

Now moving to his family, Perez was born in Valledupar, Columbia, to his parents Jaime Pérez Parodi (father). Jaime was a television personality and announcer who appeared in a supporting role in the soap opera Fuego Verde at the time.

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