Adam Azim Parents Got Him Into Boxing After ADHD Diagnosis

Adam Azim was born to Pakistani parents Mr Azim and Sabia Azim after they moved to England. Adam and his brother Hassan Azim were pushed to boxing by their father.

Adam’s mother, Sabia Azim, is a housewife and his father is a former footballer.

His father is behind the success of the highly-decorated amateur boxer Adam with 7x professional victories. He has remained undefeated since making his pro debut on the 2nd of December 2020.

The boxer comes from an athletic background, and his dad is a former footballer who played for Queens Park Rangers’ Academy in his youth. As his son was hyperactive, the former athlete introduced his lad to boxing, and the young Azim has been passionately competing in sparring ever since.

His brother Hassan Azim has also pursued the same career and has a record of nine wins and two losses. Hassan debuted on the 20th of November in a victory against Ivan Njegac. The siblings dream of becoming world champions together, although having different paces.

Adam Azim Parents Is The Reason Behind His Boxing Career

Adam Azim was born to a footballer father and mother Sabia Azim. Azim’s parents are from Pakistan.

Adam is one of two children of his parents, born on the 1st of January 2002.

The boxer struggled with ADHD early on, was hyperactive at age four, and needed something to drain his energy, so his dad signed him up for a sport so that he could get distracted and be busier with something. 

Adam Azim's father holding his brother Hassan Azim.
Source : instagram

The elder Azim took his son to a local boxing gym so that the younger Azim would stop banging his head or doing stupid things ending up in the emergency room. The Azim family has fallen into the art of boxing since then. 

Adam’s father was also an athlete, and he knew what sports would be a perfect fit for his young son struggling with excessive energy. After getting introduced to boxing, sparring helped the fighter get his anger out, and he has had a deep connection with the sport ever since.

Adam Azim Parents Moved To England From Pakistan In 2001

Adam Azim’s parents are from Pakistan and moved to England with their firstborn when he was six months young.

They gave birth to their first son Hassan Azim on the 22nd of October 2000 in Pakistan and welcomed their second son Adam in 2002 in Slough, Berkshire, England. 

Adam Azim and Hassan Azim with their beloved mother, Sabia Azim.
Source : newsunzip

Their dad was into football and played for Queens Park Rangers’ Academy. Thus, sports have always been a massive part of the Azim household. However, he never forced his children to carry on his love for football and inspired them to follow their interests and passion. 

Their mom, Sabia, is the strength of the family. Per an Instagram post made by the older Azim, her duas and prayers have protected the siblings and the clan members, and they are grateful for everything she does for them. 

Adam Azim Has A Brother Who Is Also A Boxer

Adam Azim and his older brother, Hassan Azim, grew up having a healthy competition, helping each other improve in the boxing ring.

Hassan started his sparring journey later than Adam, as he was lazy and more chilled and wasn’t into boxing. Thus, he would watch his younger brother hustling in the gym and learn the basics by observing his skills.

Adam Azim and Hassan Azim are blessed to have each other's company at every step of their lives.
Source : instagram

The older Azim began pursuing boxing seriously at 12, and the siblings started learning together. They motivated, helped, and pushed each other to improve their skills, which has helped them become better versions of themselves. 

The duo dreams of becoming world champions, and the 22-year-old athlete is fine with the younger Azim moving faster than him. Adam’s brother has his own pace and is taking his time, enjoying and learning the pro game while not rushing anything and trusting the process.

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