Russian MMA Star Alexander Pisarev Wife Is In Hospital After Eating Mushroom

MMA fighter Alexander Pisarev and his wife suffered food poisoning, not because of watermelon but of mushroom.

Pisarev, a mixed martial arts athlete, passed away in his sleep amid speculation that he and his wife had food sickness after eating mushrooms, not watermelon, as previously believed. Both he and his wife were discovered by his father unconscious at his apartment. He was 33 and had eaten a watermelon tainted with poison earlier that night.

He passed away on the 30th of October. Igor Vladimirovich Pisarev, Pisarev’s father, was returning to the residence after taking his dog for a stroll. He found both Pisarev and his wife lying unconscious on the bed.

The former was found to be no longer alive, while the latter required emergency medical attention and was rushed to the hospital. Pisarev is said to have expired in his sleep while his wife was receiving treatment in the hospital.

Who Is Alexander Pisarev Wife? MMA Fighter Married Life

Alexander Pisarev’s wife was a mother to their son.

According to his wife, they had consumed wine and dried mushrooms the day before he had passed away.

He and his wife succumbed to food sickness, which ultimately proved deadly in late October.

While people believed the couple fell ill due to consuming a noxious watermelon, it was later revealed it was opioid poisoning. It is reported that Pisarev, along with his wife and father, shared an apartment in the Balashikha neighborhood of Moscow.

Melons do not generally contain germs that might make you ill; nevertheless, since they are planted so near the ground, the rinds of melons can occasionally get infected with bacteria from the environment.

According to the reports, Russian MMA star Alexander Pisarev tragically passed away after consuming a tainted watermelon with his wife. However, his wife survived.
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While the 33-year-old MMA star reportedly could not make it and perished in the hospital, his wife managed to pull through. His family says he was in excellent condition and did not suffer from chronic ailments.

Pisarev, a competent boxer, had a happy family life with his wife and children. However, out of respect for his wife’s privacy, he never disclosed his wife’s identity or any other personal information about their lives together.

Alexander Pisarev Career And MMA Record

Alexander Pisarev MMA record is now cut short following his tragic passing on October 30 at the age of 33.

According to Sherdog, the Russian fighter has competed in five professional bouts since he made his pro debut in December 2015. Out of which, he managed to win in three outings and lose two. Thus his MMA record stands at 3-2-0 (Win-Loss-Draw). 

His mixed martial arts (MMA) training took place at Tomahawk Sports Club. After finishing his training, he immediately began concentrating on his professional mixed martial arts career.

Furthermore, his most recent bout, which took place in February 2020 at RCC – Road to the PFL, was against Maxim Usoyan. In the first round of the bout, he lost by submission. 

Up to this point, he had been victorious in his previous three bouts. Pisarev was 33 years old and had a promising career ahead of him; hence, the mixed martial arts (MMA) world has been rocked to its core by the news of his demise.

Alexander Pisarev MMA Record is 3-2-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) out of five professional matches.
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Alexander Pisarev Fighting Record

Date Event Fighter Result Method
December 2015 ACB 27 – Dushanbe Dilovar Davlatov Defeat Decision (Unanimous)
August 2016 M-1 Global – Road to M-1: Battle in Nazran 4 Miki Dzeitov Win Submission
June 2018 Fight Nights Global – Summer Cup 2018 Xin Sheng Liu Win Technical Submission
November 2018 Russian Cagefighting Championship – RCC Intro 2 Temirkhan Akhtemirov Win Decision (Unanimous)
February 2020 RCC – Road to the PFL Maxim Usoyan Defeat Submission

Alexander Pisarev Father Igor Vladimirovich Found Him Unconcious

Alexander Pisarev father, Igor Vladimirovich, found him and his wife insensible at their Moscow apartment. 

It has been reported that the Russian MMA fighter and his wife, who is now being treated in a hospital, consumed wine and wild mushrooms together the night before. 

Although Pisarev has been living with his wife and father at his residence in Balashikha, Moscow, his father Igor was out with his dog when the incident happened.  

The pair were lying unconscious when he returned to the apartment after strolling. Vladimirovich claims he approached his son and saw that Pisarev was “no longer breathing.”

It was Alexander Pisarev father Igor Vladimirovich who found the pair after he returned to his apartment after walking the family's dog to find that Pisarev was no longer breathing.
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Even though they had consumed other types of food, several news agencies reported that a sports figure and his wife had devoured a poisonous watermelon, which led to her being admitted to a hospital. 

Pisarev’s father, Igor Vladimirovich, was the first person to contact the authorities after realizing that his son had passed away after returning to his apartment.

Does Alexander Pisarev Have Any Children?

Alexander Pisarev was married, but it is unknown whether the athlete had any children with his wife.

He was pretty secretive about his personal spaces and preferred to keep information about his close ones within himself. There are rumors that he has two children, but no formal confirmations.

Pisarev, 33, tragically lost his life on October 30 due to fatal food poisoning caused by consuming wild mushroom with his wife. It would have been devastating news for his children if he had any.

Some FAQs

What happened to Alexander Pisarev and his wife?

Alexander Pisarev and his wife suffered a fatal food sickness after consuming wild mushroom and wine.

Who is Alexander Pisarev father?

Alexander Pisarev father Igor Vladimirovich found him on the bed unconscious after he came back from the stroll. He immediately rushed them to hospital.

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