Meet Antonio Rudiger Parents Matthias Rudiger And Lily Rudiger

Antonio Rudiger was born to German-Sierra Leonean parents Matthias Rudiger and Lily Rudiger in 1993. Matthias and Lily fled from Sierra Leone during the Civil war to Germany.

The Sierra Leone Civil War lasted for almost eleven years, starting from 1991 to 2002, and during that time, many Sierra Leonean citizen escaped the country and was forced to move to other countries as refugees.

Former Chelsea defender Rudiger parents were one of them as they fled from Sierra Leone during the civil war and made it to Germany. Later he was born in Berlin, Germany, on March 3, 1993. 

He did not choose the easiest route to the football world; instead, he had to experience adversity and sorrow at every step to reach where he is today as one of the top defenders.

Rudiger was a highlight during Germany vs. Japan in the World Cup 2022 a week ago when he made a funny run mocking Japanese player Takuma Asano. Asano later scored a match-winner for Japan in a World cup shock result.

Antonio Rudiger Parents Matthias Rudiger And Lily Rudiger

Antonio Rudiger was born in Berlin to parents Matthias Rudiger and Lily Rudiger after they ran away from Sierra Leone during the civil war.

Rudiger was born in Germany a year after his parents fled the African country.

Rudiger’s parents now live in Berlin, Germany, but they were natives of Sierra Leone. His entire family is of African descent, having all previously lived in Sierra Leone before the outbreak of that nation’s civil strife in 1991.

Antonio Rudiger parents, a German father, Matthias, and a Sierra Leonean mother, Lily during an event with his brother Sahr in 2018.
Source : instagram

His father is of German roots while his mother, Lily, is Sierra Leonean, and they moved to the German capital Berlin after being fled from the horrific civil war of Sierra Leone. Germany had just begun to heal from its dismay in the Battle of Berlin.

His parents have six children, and Rudiger is the youngest. Although they did not come from a wealthy or well-off household, his parents made every effort to raise him to be a friendly and kind person.

And looking back, his parents made the correct decision to go to Germany against their will, leaving behind their children to live a different and better life. Rudiger grew up in Germany both as a man and a player.

Antonio Rudiger with his father Matthias Rudiger in 2016. Antonio was playing in Italy for football club Roma during that time.
Source : twitter

The credit goes to his parents, who took a huge risk and made a lot of sacrifices, particularly after fleeing Sierra Leone because of the civil war to a new place, a new country. Despite never having been affluent growing up, Rudiger’s humility and hustle made him one of the top defenders in Europe.

Antonio Rudiger Origine And African Roots

Antonio Rudiger is of Sierra Leone origin and has African roots from his parents Matthias and Lily. Antonio plays as a defender for Spanish giant Real Madrid in La Liga.

Antonio was fifteen years old when he visited his country of descent Sierra Leone in 2008 after the decade-long civil war ended there. Though he is German by all means, born and raised in the capital of Germany, the African roots are seated deeply within him. 

As an immigrant from an African nation to Germany, Rudier grew up in a healthy neighborhood and was raised well. The place where he spent his early days was densely populated with people from different parts of the world. 

According to him, both his family’s house in Sierra Leone and the area where he was raised in Germany are ingrained in him. He witnessed the atrocities and appalling conditions of life in Africa.

Antonio Rudiger helps his country of origine Sierra Leone through Antonio Rüdiger Foundation. He funded operation of several children with disabilities.
Source : instagram

Although the severity of the issues in his country means that everyone’s assistance is required, it is a country that needs assistance, and he promised to do his best and contribute in some little way to help children.

In January this year, Rudiger collaborated with different charity organizations to provide and help fund children in the country where his mother was born for their life-changing surgery. He allowed 11 children with their operation and sent Chelsea’s jersey with his name at the back and his signature.

He may be stubborn on the pitch, but his kindness and humanity toward other needy people cannot be neglected. Rudiger will always be a man of big heart to most people, especially in Africa. Sadio Mane and Didier Droga have already set examples of humanitarian works in their respective countries.

Antonio Rudiger Father Matthias Rudiger Is German

Antonio Rudiger’s father Matthias Rudiger is a German citizen, while his mother, Lily, is from Sierra Leone.

His father and mother migrated to Berlin sometime after the end of the cold war and following the demolition of the Berlin wall. He forced Rudiger’s mother to flee from Sierra Leone because there was no future and their lives were in danger because of the civil war.

Although it was a difficult choice for them, Rudiger’s father and mother took their chance and escaped from their country, and they forced their move to Germany. 

Antonio Rudiger father Matthias raised him and his older brother Sahr in a sound and well behaved manner.
Source : instagram

Just a year after they came to Germany, Matthias and Lili Rudiger welcomed their youngest child, a son who was nonother than the German center-back Rudiger. Although he grew up in a low-income family, his father made a lot of sacrifices to nurture their dreams and encouraged him.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me. Happy Father’s Day!” Rudiger dedicated a tweet to his father Matthias on Father’s day in 2016 with a picture of him with his father and two sibling brothers.

Whenever a 29-year-old German international finds himself low in self-esteem, not only does he receives a confidence boost from his teammate, his father will always be there to lift his spirits and get him to hustle again.

Antonio Rudiger Family Is Made Up Of Five Siblings

Antonio Rudiger was born into an African family. Antonio has five siblings, four sisters and a brother, alongside his parents.

Though he is the youngest of all six offspring of his parents, Matthias and Lily, he is the tallest, standing at a towering height of 190 cm. Sahr Senesie, the former German football player, is his half-brother.

Sahr is 37 years old, married to Svenja, and is the only brother of Rudiger. He played in the opposite forward position for Germany. Sahr was born in Koidu, Sierra Leone. He came with his parents Matthias and Lily from Sierra Leone to Germany. 

Antonio Rudiger has a big family with four sisters and a brother Sahr Senesie. Sahr is a football agent and Rudiger's personal agent too.
Source : instagram

The two brothers got along incredibly. Now that Sahr Senesie is a football agent, he now represents his brother Antonio Rudiger, who this season was able to transfer from Chelsea to Real Madrid thanks to Sahr Senesie’s involvement.

After the deal was complete and penned, Sahr uploaded a picture of him with a smiling Rudiger, “Still proud. Can’t wait to see my client Rudiger for the first time in the jersey of this year’s Champions League winner Real Madrid.”

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