Atiba Hutchinson Parents Myrtle And Dalton Hutchinson Are Brampton Native

Midfielder Atiba Hutchinson was born and raised in Brampton to parents Myrtle Hutchinson and Dalton Hutchinson. Atiba was a middle child in the family.

Hutchinson plays as a midfielder for the Turkish side Besiktas. He is also the captain of the Canadian national team, who will play their World Cup group-stage game against Belgium on Thursday, November 24, 2022.

An experienced player, Hutchinson has played for football clubs like PSV, Helsingborg, and Copenhagen in past. The midfielder has 98 caps for the North American side and has netted a total of 9 goals. 

Atiba Hutchinson Parents Have Trinidadian Origin 

Atiba Hutchinson was raised by parents, Myrtle and Dalton Hutchinson, of African origin. His family is of Trinidadian descent, born in Port of Spain.

Before moving to Canada, Hutchinson’s parents dated at the school. Fast forward to 2022, and they have been married for almost 23 years.

Atiba’s father played soccer in his nation in the early 1970s with aspirations of becoming a professional. Unfortunately, Dalton’s aspirations to play soccer were dashed along the way. This motivated him to become determined to help one of his sons fulfill the broken sporting goal.

Hutchinson was born in Brampton, Ontario, to Trinidadian parents, Myrtle Hutchinson, and Dalton Hutchinson.
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The parents, Myrtle and Dalton Hutchinson, then settled in Brampton, Ontario, where Hutchinson was born and raised. They admitted him to Brampton’s Notre Dame Secondary School. The midfielder was only four when he first began playing soccer for Brampton YSC. 

The Soccer star is the middle child of Myrtle and Dalton and has an older brother named Haldon Hutchinson. He has an elder sister named Latoya Hutchinson.

From left: Hutchinson's father, Dalton, mom, Myrtle, Latoya, and Haldon.
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At present, Hutchinson plays far away from his parents’ home. He resides in Turkey to play professionally at the Besiktas. However, he has often stated that he never feels alone, as he is one of the fan favorites in the home stadium.

Hutchinson has been one of the most impressive Besiktas players over the years. In July 2022, he signed a 1-year contract extension.

Atiba Hutchinson Parents Often Visit Turkey To See Him Play

Atiba Hutchinson’s parents, Myrtle and Dalton Hutchinson, often visit Turkey to see their son play.

The Brampton-based parents are very proud of their son. They are frequently led through the airport crowds like dignitaries.

Atiba Hutchinson's parents often visit to see him play for the  Besiktas.
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Myrtle Hutchinson has said: “Once they recognize Atiba’s name, anybody connected to him that’s traveling, they just get the royal treatment all the way. Once they recognize Atiba’s name, anybody connected to him that’s traveling, just gets the royal treatment.

The mom continued: “It’s nice. I don’t get it here. But we get it there. And I don’t need it. But it’s him. He’s treated differently over there.”

Similarly, Atiba’s dad, Dalton has said: “He can’t walk down the street in peace over there. And (Noah), also. Everybody wants to take a picture. Everybody. When we go to the game, we have to hide (Noah). Those people are crazy over there.”

Atiba Hutchinson Family Members

Atiba Hutchinson lives in Istanbul with his family. He was raised alongside two siblings, a brother, Haldon Hutchinson, and a sister, Latoya Hutchinson.

Hutchinson has always been backed by his family, especially his older brother.

Haldon played soccer and trained his brother during his youth days. The lads would also play on a hired lawn roller, which helped to level out bumps on their pitch, to get the most out of their soccer surroundings.

They used to refer to their place as the less rough field as a “self-made Bernabeu.” They practiced creating their own Champions League matches on that pitch.

The final child born to Myrtle and Dalton is Latoya. The sister of Atiba leads a very modest life and celebrates her birthday on May 31 every year. She also supports her brother a lot in his career and is likely to visit Qatar for the World Cup game.

Atiba Hutchinson with his three children.
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Atiba Hutchinson married Sarah, an Iranian-French woman, whom he met while playing in Denmark. His beautiful wife is a business graduate and a fitness advocate. Together the couple has been raising three children.

Atiba and Sarah welcomed their first child, Noah, in April 2015. A year later in August, their second son Nava was born. Ayo Siyah, their youngest child, was born on December 19, 2017. Istanbul has been the family’s home.

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