Bella Mir MMA: Frank Mir Daughter Age and Wife Jennifer Mir

Bella Mir, an undefeated MMA fighter, is famous for being the daughter of former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir.

So far, she has played against three opponents since her debut in the senior professional ring in October 2022. Bella defeated Danielle Wynn at the iFF 2 – iKon Fighting Federation 2. Then in December 2020, she got better off Alma Cespedes Flores in iFF4.

In her third and most recent game against Jessica Link-Davis, Bella won by submission at the XFL – Xtreme Fight Night 381 on June 24, 2022. She returned to combat after nearly one and a half years of absence from fighting competition. 

MMA Junkie reported this past summer that her dad Frank Mir, who has lately engaged in combat sports, said that his main goal is to see his daughter succeed in her profession just like him and that he hopes she achieves great things.

Quick Facts About Bella Mir

Full Name Bella Mir
Age 19 years
Born January 1, 2003
Father Frank Mir
Mother Jennifer Mir
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 66 kg

Bella Mir made her professional MMA debut in October 2020.
Source : ufc

When Was Bella Mir Born? MMA Fighter Frank Mir Daughter Age

Bella Mir has grown wiser with her age. She mellowed seeing her father, Frank Mir, become a household name in MMA. 

She was born on January 1, 2003, and her present age is 19. The young and elevating female MMA athlete was born as the first child of Bellator MMA competitor Frank Mir. She was born on the first day of 2003, a true blessing for Frank and his wife, Jennifer Mir, and a sign of good luck that year.

Nevertheless, the year 2003 was crucial for Frank’s career as he recorded an important win. Mir faced Wes Sims in UFC 43: Meltdown on June 26, 2003. Sims pounded on Mir’s jaw after Mir successfully escaped an armbar attempt by slamming him at 2:55 in the first round, giving Mir the victory by disqualification.

They would square off one more at UFC 46: Supernatural on January 31, 2004. At 4:21 into the second round, Mir knocked him out. Frank, who was just 25 during that time, entered the heavyweight championship the following year.

Frank Mir daughter Bella Mir is 19 years of age.
Source : sportskeeda

Bella Mir Made Her MMA Debut in 2020

At the age of 17, Mir, now 19, made her MIixed Martial arts (MMA) debut in October 2020.

After a two-month break, she returned to the ring and won her second battle against Alma Cespedes Flores via submission in under two minutes. She had previously won her first fight by unanimous decision.

Frank’s daughter Bella, still in his teen years, who will turn 20 at the start of next year made a sensational return to continue her fighting career in June of this year. She was off the professional ring for 18 months. 

She took a break from professional fighting as there has been a hiatus. Bella said she was concentrated on her studies and her amateur wrestling career, where she has achieved notable success in her native Nevada.

Moreover, Bella observed her father working out, saw his commitment to his goals, and saw him win the UFC heavyweight title. She was molded by those early experiences and was inspired to follow in her father’s footsteps by participating in MMA, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. On the other hand, Frank Mir also wants to see the best of his daughter.

Inside Frank Mir And His Wife Relationship, Are Bella Mir Parents Still Married?

Frank Mir, the professional MMA and UFC fighter, and his wife, Jennifer Mir, have four children.  

The Mirs couple has been together for almost twenty years, and they have been married for seventeen of those years. Additionally, Jennifer Mir, the spouse of Frank Mir, is a charming companion and a loving parent to their four children. And she’s only recently opened her Brow Studio.

His wife, Jennifer, is a businesswoman and beautician. She is an intelligent entrepreneur, even though she first gained notoriety as Frank Mir’s wife. Jennifer, who began the JM Brow beauty shop in her mid-40s and was born on June 10th, 1974, is now in her mid-life. In February 2021, she opened the salon.

In accordance with their clients’ preferences, The JM Brow Studio offers skilled micro-blading and other brow procedures. Jennifer feels fortunate to be able to make her passion for beauty her job, as is stated on the Studio’s website.

Frank Mir with his wife Jennifer
Source : bleacherreport

Frank And Jennifer Married in 2004

When Frank first met Jennifer in early 2000, she was a single mother to Marcus Mir. They fell in love almost immediately, and in 2004 they were married in a little ceremony.

Unfortunately, the couple had not previously been very open about their marital status. Still, Frank never fails to wish his lovely wife happy holidays like Valentine’s Day or their wedding anniversary.

Frank Mir was in a fatal bike accident in 2010, which forced them to deal with tragedy early in their relationship. He was so heartbroken that he nearly abandoned his job. He was fortunate to have Jennifer to encourage and support him. Frank also gives his wife credit for helping him overcome his painkillers addiction and continue with his profession.

Frank Mir married Jennifer in 2004. They have four children, one daughter being Bella Mir.
Source : lasvegasweekly

UFC Fighter Bella Mir Physical Attributes, Height And Weight

Although different websites have put different heights of Bella on their pages, her total height is 5 feet and 7 inches.

She is around 171 cm tall. And the 19-year-old has a body weight of 66 kg (145 lbs), per Sher Dog. Bell currently competes in the featherweight division for Syndicate MMA.

Meanwhile, his father, Frank, 43, stands at an incredible height of 6 feet and 3 inches (191 cm tall). During one of their softball practices, Bella dislocated her arm, which was one of the turning points when Frank realized he would not be able to stop her from wanting to fight.

Bella Mir has an average height of 5 feet and 7 inches (171 cm)
Source : youtube

Most athletes would seek out emergency medical care as their first course of action. Since she couldn’t bear the thought of missing practice, Bella sought to keep the injury a secret from her team and her father. However, her father saw it and yanked her out of the session to bring her to the hospital as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Bella has been quiet so far regarding her personal life and love affairs. The 19-year-old UFC fighter is probably single, meaning the young and beautiful Bella does not have a boyfriend or partner. She will look into the love side of her life indeed, but for now, her priority is straight toward her MMA career.

Some FAQs

How many siblings does Bella have?

Bella Mir has three siblings. Two biological siblings and one half brother from Jennifer’s past relationship.

Who Is Bella Mir mother?

Bella Mir was born to Frank and mother Jennifer Mir. She is a beautician and businesswoman.

Who is Bella Mir father?

Bella Mir is the eldest daughter of Frank Mir. He is the professional MMA fighter.

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