Benjamin Watson Wife Kirsten Watson Was A Softball Player And Mother Of Seven Kids

Benjamin Watson and his wife, Kirsten Watson, have raised seven kids. Benjamin married Kirsten in 2005, a year after he was drafted into the NFL.

In his 15 seasons in the NFL, Benjamin played for four teams, which led to him relocating repeatedly. A task that took a toll on him and his wife, Kirsten.

Nonetheless, the husband-wife duo somehow managed to fair well in their marriage which they credit to their love for their religious beliefs.

Benjamin and Kirsten love their religion as much as anything in the world, which could also be one of the reasons that Peter Burns’s joke on Kirsten didn’t sit well with Benjamin last night. 

Benjamin Watson Wife Kirsten Watson Was A Softball Player

Benjamin Watson and his wife, Kirsten Watson, are both Christian and former athletes. His wife was a softball player at UGA.

During an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) convention, the couple crossed paths for the first time. But that wasn’t the first time Kirsten had heard of Benjamin.

Benjamin Watson and his wife Kirsten Watson pictured at their home in a picture the former NFL player posted on his Instagram
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The two went to the same university, and in the past, Kirsten’s friends had pushed the softball athlete to meet Benjamin. At the time, Kirsten paid no heed.

But the meeting at the convention sold Kirsten on the fact that Benjamin can be her boyfriend and lifelong partner. The two Virginia natives were bounded by their love for Jesus.

While at the University of Georgia, Kirsten excelled in sports and academics. She earned her degree in marketing, which led to her work with Fortune 500 company. 

Kristen Watson and Benjamin Watson pictured with their seven kids on a family camp medieval night out
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Kirsten and Benjamin tied the knot in 2005 and have since worked on various ventures together while raising seven kids, which isn’t an easy task.

The two are hosts of a podcast, Why or Why Not With the Watsons, and have also founded the One More Foundation, which aims to spread love and devotion to Christ. 

Benjamin Watson And His Wife, Kirsten Are Parents To Seven Children

Benjamin Watson and his wife, Kirsten, are parents to seven children. The couple probably would’ve had nine if it weren’t for Kirsten’s two miscarriages in 2018.

In an interview with the Christian Post in 2020, Kirsten revealed the pain she still felt every Mother’s Day when she realized she could’ve had two children who would have greeted her that day.

Her motivation to move on from the tragedy came from her love for God and her belief that one should feel blessed with what God had given them. And obviously, her seven kids have been previously featured in articles and on their family website.

Benjamin Watson and his wife Kirsten Watson pictured in a family camp at South Carolina
Source : instagram

The former NFL player and his wife welcomed their latest children, a pair of twins, in 2019. Benjamin shared the photo of the joyous occasion on his Instagram handle, and it was a great coincidence that the twins were born on the same day he was drafted 15 years ago.

On Instagram, Benjamin shares photos of his seven children and their daily shenanigans. And if it’s not a family trip to the beach or water parks, Benjamin and his daughter are busy raising social issues in the President’s Palace.

Benjamin Watson and his wife Kirsten Watson pictured with their seven kids
Source : instagram

Previously he had shared a picture of one of his daughters, who seemed passionate about becoming a ballerina. His daughter even brought her pointy shoes to the beach, and the former NFL player exclaimed that his daughter had been dancing ever since she could stand on her two feet.

And there isn’t any doubt that Benjamin’s kids love their father’s former, and that was being a football player. His sons can be seen wearing Georgia University jerseys and cheering on the Dawgs during game days.

Benjamin and Kirsten have decided to homeschool their seven kids and have installed the same love for their religion as they do. 

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