Who Are Boston Bruins Mitchell Miller Parents Shelli Miller And John Miller? Twin Sister McKenzie Miller

Mitchell Miller’s parents, Shelli Miller and John Miller, remain supportive of their son. Mitchell had been convicted in 2016 by the juvenile court of bullying Isaiah Meyer Crothers.

Shelli Miller and John Miller, the parents of Mitchell Miller, have constantly said that their son should be forgiven for his actions which he did when he was 14.

Miller was previously drafted by the Coyotes in 2020 but was quickly renounced after many spoke about his bullying incident. Miller had since participated in community programs to educate himself.

On Friday, Mitchell Miller was signed by the Boston Bruins to an entry-level contract after they spent several weeks during an evaluation period with the 20-year-old.

Many Bruins fans and NHL fans have shown their outrage, which prompted NHL commissioner Gary Bettman on Monday to say that Mitchell is not currently eligible for the NHL and may never be.

Quick Facts on Mitchell Miller

Full Name Mitchell Miller
Age 20
Date of Birth December 20, 2001
Father’s Name John Miller
Mother’s Name Shelli Miller
Siblings 2(Twin sister-McKenzie Miller and a brother)
Team Boston Bruins
Position Defenseman

Boston Bruins Mitchell Miller Parents – Meet John Miller and Shelli Miller

Boston Bruins Mitchell Miller was born to parents John Miller and Sheli Miller in 2001. The 20-year-old defenseman was raised alongside his twin sister and brother in Sylvania, Ohio.

John Miller, the father of Mitchell Miller, has publicly defended his son on many occasions. An avid hockey fan himself, John was the one to push his son on his hockey journey.

Mitchell Miller with his mother Shelli Miller and his brother watch as he is chosen by the Arizona Coyotes as the 111 draft pick in 2020
Source : tsn

In 2016, when Mitchell Miller admitted to his charges of bullying his schoolmate Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, John was in the court along with the attorney by his son’s side.

Throughout the years, Mitchell Miller’s parents have ferociously defended their son. John and his wife, Shelli Miller, have gone on to say that their son would never do all the things he has been accused of.

The activities include slamming Isaiah’s head into a locker, tricking him into licking a cady push pop that had been wiped in a bathroom urinal, and using the N-word at him.

Mitchell Miller addresses to the media after being chosen by the Arizona Coyotes as their draft pick in 2020
Source : insider

Shelli Miller, the mother of Mitchell Miller, even went on to say that Mitchell doing all that to Isaiah was kids being kids. The Miller family was quiet about the incident before the video of the incident was found.

Shelli has also been accused of calling Isaiah’s mother and harassing her for overreacting and saying, “Do you know Mitchell ran the push pop underwater first?” Mitchell nor his parents have to date not apologized to Isaiah or his family for all the things he went through at the hands of his bully.

Who Is Mitchell Miller Father John Miller?

John Miller, the father of Mitchell Miller, has continued to defend his son since 2016. John remains confident that his son did nothing wrong and wants his son to be given a second chance in his hockey career.

John Miller is available on the social media site Twitter with the username @John_A_Miller. And a quick scroll through his account shows that the father of Mitchell Miller continues to root for his son’s career.

John Miller the father of Mitchell Miller pictured in 2010 with the Stanley Cup
Source : twitter

John Miller has been retweeting every tweet he can find that support his son, who the Boston Bruins have controversially drafted. One of the tweets he retweeted comes from Mitchell’s African American classmate, who defended him, saying Mitchell was only 14 when the incident took place and should be forgiven.

After Arizona Coyotes drafted Miller in 2020, John, who was proud of his son’s achievement, could be seen retweeting the tweets of congratulations that came his way. 

But Mitchell was soon renounced from the team after The Arizona Republic reported about Mitchell’s bullying and conviction in juvenile court. After that, the University of North Dakota kicked him off the team too.

Mitchell Miller Twin Sister McKenzie Miller

Mitchell Miller’s twin sister, McKenzie Miller, has publicly defended her brother several times. In 2020, McKenzie Miller made headlines after she tweeted out in support of her brother after the Cayotes denounced him.

McKenzie was available on Twitter at the time, with the username @mckmiller17, which has since been deleted. She shared a screenshot of her notes app and posted it on Twitter, prompting many people to believe that she was delusional.

McKenzie Miller, the twin sister of Mitchell Miller tweeted in support of her brother in 2020 after he was renounced by the Coyotes
Source : twitter

The twin sister of Mitchell Miller said that anyone who knows Mitchell and Isaiah knows that the story is one-sided. She said her brother is the most genuine big-hearted adult and is sorry for those who have never met him.

One of the things that caught the attention of many was McKenzie trying to deflect her brother’s action by saying he was friends with her African American friends. She even went on to say that she had previously dated an African American man who became friends with her brother.

Boston Bruins announced the signing of Mitchell Miller on Friday which was met by outrage of several Bruins and NHL fans
Source : twitter

The whole fiasco didn’t sit well with many hockey fans and other Twitter users. The “I’m friends with African American people, so I’m not racist” trope has been used by many in the past for defending their racist actions, and it looked like McKenzie was trying the same for her brother.

On Friday, McKenzie and the Miller family certainly celebrated Mitchell being drafted by the Bruins, but after NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s comments, Mitchell’s career in the NHL looks bleak.

Some FAQs

Who is Mitchell Miller father?

John Mitchell is the father of Mitchell Miller.

Who is Mitchell Miller twin sister?

McKenzie Miller is the twin sister of Mitchell Miller.

Who are Mitchell Miller parents?

Mitchell Miller was born to parents John Mitchell and Shelli Mitchell.

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